Red Planet Mars Transit 20-22 Degree Arc In Cancer 2nd -7th July 2021 May Activate Sensitive Zodiac Arc For India China Jammu & Kashmir Pakistan Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

by anil aggarwala

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This is with Reference to my Articles on the transit of the Red Planet Mars in the Sign Gemini and Cancer  which may prove enigmatic for the World specially activating the sensitive arc in the Sign Capricorn of 6.2 degrees and 18.40 degrees in the sign Capricorn. My Observation that Mars Transit in the sign Cancer between the 20-22 Degrees Arc may also be a Sensitive parameter  for the  Countries mentioned in this Article . The Mars and Saturn in the 6/8 axis and opposition is seldom good and  brings upheavals in the globe as can be seen from the past . The Transit of Mars for India over the natal Mars after the 14th April 2021 is also not good as already predicted  since Mars is also at the MEP of the Lagna and Mars reaching the Natal Degrees on the 25-26th April 2021 can be most enigmatic for the significations of Mars .

Mars activating the Capricorn arc 6.20 degrees and 18.40 degrees and Cancer 20-21 degrees could be most Venomous for the Countries discussed in this Article between the 24th -26th April to 16th May 2021 and then 1st-2nd -7th July 2021  as can be seen from the Planetary positions . The Effect could not only be  for Brawl between the Countries, it could be fight with Coronavirus also, Natural, Unnatural Calamities, Earthquakes, Explosions, Disasters 

As per the past  the Conjunction or Opposition of Mars and Saturn has always brought anguish and pain for the World and specially for India . The Conjunction is more Venomous then the opposition and hence Mars and Saturn opposition may not be as deadly as the conjunction. The China War  1962 took place when there was opposition of Mars and Saturn but they were in Rahu-Ketu axis also degree-wise also, The Grace now is the Rahu -Ketu are not conjunct with Mars and Saturn but if we take the aspect of Rahu on Saturn and aspect of Ketu on Mars then not good  , Since Mars and Ketu will be in watery sign there could be issues in the South China Sea also  . The Rashi and Nakshatra Sanghatta Chakra also indicate Vedha between Mars and Saturn between the 24th-25th April to 16th May 2021 and Mars the King and the Minister of the year for India in the Pisces New Moon chart  with Taurus Ascendant and Angarak yoga in the Ascendant is another parameter which cannot be ignored  . The Planetary Positions seems to take India for a rough patch specially till the Dasha of Moon-Saturn till the 10th July 2021  and more to till the 20th July 2021 till Mars in the Sign Cancer the 3rd house of Boarders. The 8th aspect of Mars on the Saturn after the 14th April 2021 till 2nd June 2021 and Vedha between Mars and Saturn in the Chakras , Affliction to Taurus-Scorpio axis, Affliction to Cancer-Capricorn axis, Rahu in Rohini, Saturn In Shravana Star and Retrograde and affliction to Venus are parameters which cannot be ignored and some kind of rough patch for the Country and Brawl with the Neighbours cannot be ruled out along with Espionage and Terrorism in the Country specially in Jammu & Kashmir. China and Pakistan both will be in aggressive stance since the Natal Mars  will be activated . China and Taiwan Relations can also go for a Toss . It is not only Brawl between Nations it could also be fight with Coronavirus 

  1. India  Mars Transit in the Arc 20-21 degrees will be over the Natal 3rd house of Boarders of the India Foundation chart and will be over the natal Venus and Saturn almost degree-wise


Have a Look at the chart of the India Foundation chart of the 15th August 1947 00-00-01 hrs

Note the degrees of Venus 22.33 and Degrees of Saturn 20-28 degrees in Cancer . Mars will Transit over these 2 Planets and the Transit Saturn will also be opposing  the above from Capricorn and in close degrees of the Natal Degrees 


 Have a Look at the chart of the 7th July 2021 Transit of Mars in Cancer sign and activating the 20-22 degree arc in Cancer 

Mars at 21 Degrees  Venus at 17.33 degrees reaching close to the natal Degrees and Saturn from Capricorn already activated  the Natal Saturn in Stationary position between the 19th May to 27th May 2021 5 days before and 5 days after becoming Retrograde Saturn is Stationary  in very close degrees . Saturn Stationary 19.22 degrees and Natal Saturn 20.28 degrees . Activation of the Cancer-Capricorn Axis and specially the 3rd house of Boarders 

The Same would happen in the 4th house of Pakistan


Have a Look at the chart of Pakistan 14th August 1947 00-00-01


Have a Look at the foundation chart of China of the 1st Oct. 1949 15-15 hrs Peking

Mars from the Sign Taurus has activated the Saturn the Lagna Lord in the Sign  Leo on the 28th March 2021

Transit Mars will be over the Natal Mars degree-wise on the 7th July 2021 in the 7th house of  Wars and Saturn will be over the Natal Moon. Natal Mars aspects the Venus in the 10th House and Transit Venus will also be in the 7th house of Wars  and opposed by Saturn the Lagna Lord from the Lagna


Kashmir Accession 27th Oct. 1947 13-21 hrs  Srinagar. Most Important in the immediate Future for Mars and Saturn Transit in the 1/7 axis 

 The Mars and Saturn Conjunction in the 7th house of Wars makes the State most war prone and activation of the Mars 21 degrees can be detrimental for Terrorism in the State . See the Degrees of Mars, Venus  and Saturn and the Transit Mars , Saturn and the Venus will be activated . The State is also running the Dasha of Mars-Saturn till the Dec 2021 . Hence Most Prone State for Terrorism, Earthquake, Explosions, Natural and Unnatural calamities and war like situations


Have a Look at the chart of US Foundation chart of the 4th July 1776 10-20-30 hrs  Philadelphia

Mars in Gemini at 22 Degrees over the Natal Sun on the 20th May 2021 and aspects in close degrees Natal Saturn and also the Transit Saturn in the sign Capricorn over the natal Ketu will be enigmatic for US

The Mars over the natal Rahu and Mercury and Saturn over the natal Ketu around the 18-19 degrees can be most enigmatic around the 1st-2nd July 2021 for US for the effects mentioned above  may be it is Brawl between nations  or any other event as mentioned above 


 Malaysia Has Taurus Lagna

First Mars over the Natal Rahu after the 14th April 2021 and the after Mars in Cancer reaching the Natal Saturn Degrees  24 after the 7th July 2021 could be crucial


Saudi Arabia of the 21st Sept 1932 12-00 hrs 

Mars over the Natal Mars  and Reaching the Venus Degrees 19.49  and also Saturn over the Natal Saturn could also Influence the Country  and Boarder issue could be seen . Rahu in the 4th house will also be influenced at close degrees after the 7th July 2021 


Foundation chart of Taiwan  of the 23rd May 1895 09-00 am


The Transit Of Mars over the Natal Mars  and Reaching the 19 degrees over the Natal Venus at 19 degrees 15-16th May 2021 and then over the Natal Mars at 26 degrees on the 26th May 2021  could be most enigmatic for the Brawl between China and Taiwan it so seems . The Mars with Rahu over the Natal Sun and Mercury and reaching the Ketu Natal Degrees on the 8th April 2021 and we get the Following News

Will fight a war, defend ourselves to the very last day if China attacks, says Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu

Will fight a war, defend ourselves to the very last day if China attacks, says Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu (

Taiwan warns it will fight to 'the very last day' if attacked as China steps up its military activity nearby

 US could also intervene in this Brawl between China and Taiwan it so seems  and Mars entering the sign Cancer may aggravate the situations after the 2nd June 2021——– Note these Prediction


27th Dec 1949 09-22 Jakarta Indonesia

There is no Planet in Cancer but Venus at 21 degrees Capricorn will be influenced by Both Mars and Saturn in the 1/7 axis  in the Cancer-Capricorn axis . What I can think of for Indonesia Natural Calamities and Earthquakes

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Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala
BSc. Engg. P. E.C Ch BVB New Delhi Research Scholar and Award Winner
 8TH April 2021   18-00 hrs



These are only Astrological Predictions and not my personal opinion.  PLEASE NOTE THIS








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