Covid-19 Cases Reducing As Predicted From 30th April 2021 10 June 2021 Annular Solar Eclipse What It Has Up It’s Sleeves ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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“10 June 2021 Annular Solar Eclipse What It Has Up It’s Sleeves For Covid-19 Astrologer Anil Aggarwala”

Most amazingly My Predictions for the Number of Covid-19 cases peak on the 30th April 2021 Prove spot on and the Cases will start to reduce after this date and specially after the 5th May  then 10th May and then 16th May 2021 seems to be Proving spot on

Mundane Astrology is a very difficult and also interesting subject  and lot of research is required to predict the events. In this Article I am going to discuss The Predictions made for Coronavirus and the Solar Eclipse of the 10th June 2021. It has been observed from the past that Saturn in the Shravana star is most enigmatic  if we look back from  1903 118 years back and the same has been discussed in this Article . I have also discussed the Retrogression of Saturn in Capricorn and the Article for the same was Published in THE EXPRESS STAR TELLER   and was published in the April 2020 edition on the page 39. Saturn in Shravana Star  and Retrograde The ‘Flash Crash in 1962 ‘Took Place on the 28th May 1962. Saturn in Capricorn is the 10th house of the natural Zodiac and is the negative sign of Saturn. Saturn has a cycle of 29.46 years  and if we take the LCM of the Major Planets Saturn, Jupiter and Nodes  it is 30 years  Hence These Planet repeat the events every 30,60, 90 years  The Effect may be starting  in the Multiple of even 28 years to 30 years cycle. Since Rahu and Ketu are Most Important and there cycle is 18.5 years and they stay in a sign for 1.5 years the effect of Rahu and Ketu are also felt  in the Multiple of 17 years. The Spanish Flue took Place in Jan 1918 and after 102 years we have had Coronavirus absolutely parallel to Spanish Flue. The Worst Part of Saturn in Shravana Star is from the 25th April to 16th May 2021 when Mars will be giving Vedha to Saturn  in the Rashi and Nakshatra Sanghatta chakra and Mars will also aspect Saturn degree-wise on the 16th May 2021 . Saturn Stationary and Retrograde on the 23rd May 2021  and aspect of Mars in close degrees is also most enigmatic Parameter in a nut shell for  Natural and Unnatural Calamities, Earthquakes of Intensity, Mass happenings, Political Tug of War, Brawl between Nations going for a Toss. There could be Emergency  and Historic Situations as can be seen from the Planetary positions specially till the 10th May 2021 till Ketu in Jyestha Star . The Ketu Leaving the Jyestha star  and then Break of Vedha between Mars and Saturn after the 16th May 2021 could mean that Ketu will remove its foot from Full Throttle  for Virus Spread. and slow ease may come  for the woes of the Virus and specially till Ketu leaves the sign Scorpio on the 17th March 2022 and then there is Exchange between the Stars of Rahu and Ketu on after the 7th-8th Feb 2023 we could get ease from the Virus totally. One Parameter which cannot be ignored is the Rahu in Rohini star and Forward and Stationary motion. this could be responsible in the Surge of Virus like a sine wave ups and downs  till 20th Sept. 2021 in the number of cases .


My Predictions of the number of cases of COVID_19  Reducing in is also proving spot on using the Rashi and Nakshatra Sanghatta chakra and I had mentioned that between the 24th April to 5th May 2021 there will be maximum number of Cases also the peak of the cases per day will be on the 30th April 2021  which has also proved spot on as per the same . The Number of Cases today have reduced

First Read My Article  Proving Spot on for the Dates given for Maximum number of COVID-19 29th-30 April 2021 and amazingly after the 30th April 2021 there have been reduction in the number of Cases on the 2nd May 2021 , I expect slow ease but surely  but spikes also in between when Rahu will be adverse  as mentioned in the chart but with a lesser intensity and numbers gradually reducing . Read the point no. 6 and 8th of the Below Text 



Let me reproduce the Text here for Ready Reference

This is with reference to my n number of Articles written on the Coronavirus . In this Article I have studies in detail and found the Period from the 25th April to 30th April 2021 India would register the maximum number of Covid-19 cases  due to the following Parameters which acquire an Important dimension

  1. Mars activating the Sensitive arc in Capricorn 6.20 degrees of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the 21st Dec. 2020   activated by Mars on the 24th April 2021 
  2. Mars entering Ardra Star on the 25th April 2021 at 01-38-20 hrs and offering Vedha to Saturn in Capricorn in Shravana star  in both Rashi and Nakshatra Sanghatta chakra
  3. Mars 8th aspect on Saturn in the sign Capricorn
  4.  Mars will join Ketu in Sagittarius Navamsha and at that time Saturn will be with Rahu in Gemini namsha after the 25th Morning in Transit 
  5. North Node Rahu will be in Direct  motion from the 28th April to 2nd May and then will become stationary from the 3rd  to 5th May 2021 
  6. Asper the above the worst will be from the 28th to 30th April 2021  since  maximum afflictions . Hence maximum number of Cases can be expected in this time frame 
  7. Mars will reach the 10 degree mark on the 30th April 2021 at 13.30 hrs and most powerful at these degrees  in the navamsha it will also become Exalted .
  8. See the chart of the 29th April 2021 . Have a look at the navamsha  Mars, Moon, Mercury and Ketu in Sagittarius and Rahu and Saturn in the Gemini navamsha the Axis is the same at the time of the 26th Dec. 2019 Solar Eclipse  when Coronavirus sprouted after this Eclipse 
  9. Even after the dates mentioned the Planetary positions are not conducive but the worst is the time frame mentioned above  since Mars is afflicted badly with  3 more planets in Navamsha in Sagittarius
  10. The Period from the 24th April to 16th May 2021 remains most enigmatic  as Predicted earlier since the vedha between Mars and Saturn remains 
  11. Woes of the Covid-19 may be seen maximum during this time frame  from the 24th April to 9th May 2021 . 
  12. Rahu in Rohini Star most enigmatic when  in adverse motion and Stationary as per the chart below

Again this is my Research Article and I am trying to make fine tuned Predictions  using all the Parameters available and 29th April 2021 seems to be the worst  for Number of Cases of Covid-19 Per day  —- Note this

Have a Look at the Transit of North Node Rahu when in Adverse motion and also Stationary marked in Orange most enigmatic Time frame specially in the immediate Coming days . Rahu is amrit and should be in retrograde motion. When this Rahu is in Direct motion or Stationary then it behaves like poison

In the Month of May and June Rahu in Rohini Star will be in adverse motion as per the Marked dates and can be detrimental  specially till the 16th May 2021 till  Vedha between Mars and Saturn in the Chakras . Mars 8th aspect on Saturn till 2nd June remains enigmatic for other Global events


Now the Number of Cases on the 30th and 1st-2nd May 2021 

covid-19 cases in india – Google Search


NO. OF CASES ON THE 2ND MAY 2021 3,68060 

  Drop of 8.5 % Is a Good Drop, hence by 16th May 2021 there will be substantial Reduction in the number of Cases provided there is Complete LOCKDOWN WHICH IS A MUST . Astrologically we will definitely get some little relief 

More than 400 daily Covid deaths in Delhi for second day running, lowest positivity rate in 2 weeks

More than 400 daily Covid deaths in Delhi for second day running, lowest positivity rate in 2 weeks

More than 400 daily Covid deaths in Delhi for second day running, lowest positivity rate in 2 weeks (

Delhi registered more than 400 Covid-related deaths in a single day for the second day running on Sunday. The city recorded 407 Covid deaths and 20,394 fresh cases in 24 hours on May 2. The case fatality rate is now 1.42 per cent.

On Saturday, the city had recorded its highest ever Covid death toll in 24 hours at 412 deaths.

Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra showing signs of plateauing in daily Covid-19 cases: Health ministry

a group of people standing in a room: Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra showing signs of decrease in daily new cases: Health ministry

Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra showing signs of plateauing in daily Covid-19 cases: Health ministry (



The annular phase of this solar eclipse is visible from parts of Russia, Greenland, and northern Canada. Weather permitting, those in Northern Asia, Europe, and the United States will see a partial eclipse. It is not visible in India. I am analysing this chart as a Lunation chart of New Moon to see  what it has up it’s sleeves for the Covid-19 ? The Burning Question of the Day.

 I have already made n number of Articles on the Virus spread and all my Predictions are proving spot on even for the dates calculated by the Rashi and Nakshatra Chakra after the 12th April 2021 the Chaitra Pratipada Pisces New Moon Chart  between the 25th April to 16th May 2021 which indicated EMERGENCY and HISTORIC  conditions in the Country specially when the king and the Minister of the year is Mars.  I have already made detailed study on the Virus spread and is following the Pattern of the Spanish Flue of the Jan 1918 as mentioned above 

Solar Eclipse of the 10th June 2021 16-24 hrs

 The Eclipse is not visible in India

I will analyse it as per the Paksha Kundali and the Lunation chart

The Following Parameters are enigmatic in the Lunation chart

  1. As per the above Eclipse  the Sign rising in New Delhi is Libra  19.07 degrees in Swati Star.
  2. The Sun Moon  Rahu and Mercury are placed in the 8th house and there is Exchange between the 8th and the 9th house  is not good .
  3. The Placement of Rahu, Sun , Moon indicates lingering disease .  Mercury as the 9th Lord and the 12th Lord in retrogression, fallen and in vish ghati is not good in the 8th house specially when Mercury is also the 6th lord of the Natural Zodiac.
  4. The Conjunction of the Sun and Moon are not having any aspect by any malefics is a grace but with Rahu in Rohini star and in Stationary motion is bad for untoward happenings and unexpected events
  5. Saturn aspects the 6th house and Debilitated Mars aspects the 6th Lord Jupiter  is not good for the Virus spread and diseases
  6. Ketu the disease karka is placed well from 6th house and 6th Lord Jupiter—– Grace

Let us see the Effect in the D6 Chart

D6  Chart

6th Lord Jupiter is not afflicted and placed in the Lagna is a grace , but placed in the upchaya house the 11th the virus may increase and spread

Placement of Mars with Jupiter is in 1/7 axis is not bad . The Placement in the 2/12 or 6/8 axis would have been bad  Hence again we get some grace

6th House in D6 is strong . No Malefics occupies the 6th house and 6th Lord Jupiter is also not in angles is again a grace . The Lagna has a Benefic influence of Venus is good for Protection

Mars in watery sign is not very good for cure hence the sick may face trouble

Relation of the Lagna Lord Venus of D1 and Lagna Lord of D3 Saturn are well placed with Ketu is not bad although Saturn with Ketu may increase the disease since in the 7th house

Ketu and 6th Lord are well placed from each other in the D6 Chart hence no troubles and no major and serious afflictions  for virus spread

Although the Disease may linger on and Expand there will also be slow cure also  and there will not be extreme conditions

D8 Chart

8th Lord of the D8 Chart is strong in D8 chart. 6th Lord of the Birth chart is not afflicted  by Rahu-Ketu or Saturn to give crippling, Lingering, TB or Cancer like disease, hence no seriousness of the Disease and Virus, but the Virus may linger on  and the number may reduce slowly

12th Lord of D1 Mercury afflicted since in Vish ghati people may be hospitalised

As per the Longitudes of the Gulika, Mrityu Sphuta, Deha Sphuta,Pran Sphuta . The Disease may abate first since the Longitude of Deha Sphuta is higher then Pran sphuta the Virus may abate, asper the Navamsha  The Lagna Longitude is higher then Moon the Disease may spread and may linger on. Jupiter is in 3rd Navamsha hence maximum for 3 months as per this lunation chart till 10th Sept. 2021 for the cases per day  to come down 

Hence the above the Combinations are not very serious but definitely of concern. The Vedha Between Mars and Saturn will also break in the Rashi and Nakshatra Sanghatta chakra after the 16th May 2021 , but there will be aspect of Debilitated Mars on Saturn and also Jupiter  this is definitely a concern but not as bad when there was Mars 8th aspect on Saturn till 2nd June 2021 and there was also Vedha between Mars and Saturn asper the Rashi and Nakshatra Sanghatta Chakra .


The Grace after the 16th May 2021 is as follows for the Virus Spread and Fatalities

  1. Ketu Leaves the Jyestha Star on the 10th May 2021 the Eclipsed star of the 14th 2020 Solar Eclipse . After this Date Ketu may lift its foot from Full Throttle  for the surge in the Coronavirus  and specially when it leaves the sign Scorpio on the 17th March 2022 as already Predicted by me some relief
  2. The Vedha Between Mars and Saturn from the 25th April to 16th May ends in the Rashi and Nakshatra Sanghatta chakra and also the Mars 8th aspect on Saturn till the 2nd June 2021. Although there will be 1/7 axis of Mars and Saturn after the 2nd June 2021 to 20th July 2021 there will be no Vedha between them in the Chakras is saving to some extent definitely
  3. Sun leaving the Sign Taurus and Mars leaving the Sign Cancer will also give ease in the Virus to some extent after the 16th June and 20th July 2020



There will be 4 Concerns

1.Rahu in Rohini Stationary and Forward Motion  till 11th June 2021 —- Unexpected results  and untoward happenings

2.Mars and Saturn opposition  from 2nd June till the 20th July 2021 . This Can give Terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir, Brawl with Neighbours ,  Violent Happenings, Earthquakes, Political Tug of  Wars 

3. Jupiter goes in Retrogression on the 21st June 2021 and the Longitudinal distance between Saturn and Jupiter will start to reduce  which could be responsible for the 3rd wave when the distance reduces less than 16 degrees 

4.Saturn and Jupiter the Major Planets in Retrogression and specially between the 14th Sept. to 20th Nov. 2021 when Jupiter will be Fallen, Retrograde and Debilitated in Capricorn with Retrograde Saturn in Shravana Star. 5TH Sept. 2021 Mars will give vedha to Saturn again till 21st Oct. 2021  and 3rd and 4th Nov. 2021 are critical dates as already mentioned on my webpages  with Rashi and Nakshatra Sanghatta chakra. For this Read My Article 

Most Venomous Sept. 2021 Lunar Fortnight Of 13 Days Jupiter Fallen Retrograde Debilitated Solar Ingress in Virgo Astrologer Anil Aggarwala – Astrologer Anil Aggarwala (

This time frame may not be identical with the time frame with 24th April to 16th May 2021 but will be of concern definitely and of slightly lower intensity  The Mars degree-wise aspect on Saturn between the 1st-2nd July  2021 could be crucial

I have already mentioned that till Rahu goes in Aries and Ketu in Libra and there is stars exchange between the 2 there will be no complete relief till the 7th-8th Feb 2023 and finally when Saturn leaves the sign Capricorn 29th April 2023 it will completely vanish


 There will be no major correction in the Stock and Financial markets  till Primarily till last week of July 2021. The Following times frames are important as below 

  1. Some  little Correction on the 11th June , 21st-22nd June 2021
  2. Nifty May Cross 16000 level  in June 2021
  3. Major Corrections  only after the 3rd week of July and Middle of August 2021 to 1st week of Sept 2021

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    Conjunction Of Mars-Saturn-Jupiter In Capricorn What It Has Up It’s Sleeves ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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The Writer of the Article is not responsible for any person investing on the basis of the above Predictions and any loses made by any Individual, Company , Corporate shall be  doing on their own risk and Fancies . Please note this . This is an Astrological Predictions on the basis of the Book of Mundane Astrology  Guide Mr K N Rao  and Not My Own Parameters  Reference  Page 73 of the Book

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