Magical Tool Rashi Sanghatta Chakra : Peak Period Of Covid-19 Till 16th May 2021 As Already Predicted Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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” Magical Tool Rashi Sanghatta Chakra : Peak Period Of Covid-19 Till 16th May 2021 As Already Predicted Astrologer Anil Aggarwala”

This is with Reference to my n number of Articles written on the Virus spread and ‘EMERGENCY LIKE SITUATIONS’  from the 24th April to 16th May 2021 and specially critical till 5th May 2021 .Read this article

India May Register Maximum Covid-19 Cases Between 24th April-5th May 2021 An Astrological Study Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

My Predictions for the same seem to be coming true asper the  figures till  today . As already mentioned in my previous articles the Planetary positions  on the 16th May are explosive due to the following reasons already mentioned  in earlier Articles . This is a research article using the Magical tools Rashi and Nakshatra Sanghatta chakra 

  1. Vedha Between Mars and Saturn in the Rashi and Nakshatra Sanghatta chakra  from the 25th April to 16th May 2021 
  2.  Degree 8th aspect of Mars on Saturn in Capricorn In Shraavan star degree wise at 19 degrees on the 16th May 2021 
  3. Sensitive arc in Capricorn 18-19 degrees. Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on the 12th Feb 2021 which is Blood Shed as per the Mundane Classic Myur Chitram and also authenticated by Shri K N Rao in the Paper Produced by him on the 4th Oct 2010 ‘Glimmer of Hope’. When Mars activates these sensitive arc is it time for disaster 
  4. Mars activated the Sensitive arc of 6.20 degrees of the Great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the 21st Dec. 2020 on the 24th April 2021 and the situations in the Country became’ EMERGENCY LIKE ‘ AS PREDICTED BY ME
  5.  On the 16th May 2021 there is Vedha between the Planets   Moon Mars-Saturn, Sun Ven Mercury Rahu with Jupiter .
  6. North Node Rahu in Forward Motion from the 14th to 21st May 2021 
  7.  After this Crucial date  Mars and Saturn aspect is  there  but there is no vedha between them in the Rashi and Nakshatra sanghatta chakra till 5th Sept 2021.
  8. The Time frame when there is Parashar aspect between Mars and Saturn, Vedha between them in the Rashi and Nalshatra Sanghatta chakra then it is ‘EMERGENCY LIKE SITUATION’ and if the we  have vedha with Rahu and Ketu then it is even worst
  9. The Vedha between Mars and Saturn breaks in the Nakshatra sanghatta chakra on the 16th May and in the Rashi Sanghatta chakra after the 2nd June 2021, Hence after 10th May when Ketu leaves the Jyestha star , Vedha Breaks between Mars and Saturn in the Nakshatra Sanghatta chakra on the 16th May  and then on the 2nd June 2021 will be helpful in slow ease from the virus , but since Rahu will be in adverse motion in Rohini star there may be sine curve and spikes in the cases  and ups and downs in the numbers as per the movement of Rahu in Rohini till the 20th Sept. 2021 ——– Please note this Parameter MOST IMPORTANT PARAMETER FOR THE VIRUS NUMBERS 

10. For the Movement of Rahu see the Below Chart May and June both Rahu will be in Direct motion for a long time , hence there will be Sine Curve in the number of Cases in May and June 2021 but the peak period seems to be over on 16th May 2021 


Have a Look at the chart of the Daily Coronavirus in India as per the chart Below

As per the above chart the Maximum number of COVID-19 cases were on the 16th Sept. 2020 97894 cases 

Have a look at the Rashi Sanghatta chakra

There was no vedha between Mars and Saturn which makes the things crucial most important parameter 


There was no relation between Mars and Saturn but they were in square position from each other  but vedha between planets . Look at the Triangle above Rahu Saturn Moon Sun and Mercury  hence the Maximum number of Cases according the Planetary positions

 Now Look at the Chart of the 30th April 2021 Below

 The Rashi Sanghatta chakra of the 30th April 2021 when maximum number of Cases were Found in India  is more explosive then the 16th Sept. 2020 for the reason that Mars and Saturn have Vedha between each other and also Mars aspect on Saturn by 8th Aspect . Ketu Moon Vedha to  Sun Venus and Mercury note these parameters 

Now See the Rashi Sanghatta chakra on the 16th May 2021 

The Chakra of the 16th May 2021 is equally damaging like the 30th April 2021  Hence the Number of Cases on the 16th May 2021 may also  be unexpected and high like the 30th April 2021  , the Grace is Ketu  has left the Jyestha star, but Mars aspects Saturn degree-wise could also prove explosive. Hence it seems that another Lock down may also have to be implemented to flatten the Curve of Coronavirus looking into the number of cases on the 16th May 2021

Have a Look at the Nakshatra Sanghatta chakra also on the 16th May 2021 below 

  Hence the Peak Dates as already mentioned are the 30th April and 16th May 2021 although the 16th May 2021 figure per day numbers  may be lower then or alike the 30th April 2021 . The Mars aspect on Saturn degree wise could prove explosive  

As already mentioned there may be slow ease in the number of cases after the 5th May, 10th May, 16th May, then 2nd June, 20th July 2020, and  the time frame of the 14th Sept. to 20th Nov. 2021 may also be explosive but with a lesser intensity then the Present ‘EMERGENCY LIKE ‘ situations on the 16th May 2021

Mundane Astrology is a very difficult and also interesting subject  and lot of research is required to predict the events. In this Article I am going to discuss The Predictions made for Coronavirus and the Solar Eclipse of the 10th June 2021. It has been observed from the past that Saturn in the Shraavana star is most enigmatic  if we look back from  1903 118 years back and the same has been discussed in this Article . I have also discussed the Retrogression of Saturn in Capricorn and the Article for the same was Published in THE EXPRESS STAR TELLER   and was published in the April 2020 edition on the page 39. Saturn in Shravana Star  and Retrograde The ‘Flash Crash in 1962 ‘Took Place on the 28th May 1962. We could have parallel positions in May-June 2021after the 23rd May 2021 when Saturn becomes Retrograde and Receives 8th aspect of Mars degree -wise on the 16th May 2021. Saturn in Capricorn is the 10th house of the natural Zodiac and is the negative sign of Saturn. Saturn has a cycle of 29.46 years  and if we take the LCM of the Major Planets Saturn, Jupiter and Nodes  it is 30 years  Hence These Planet repeat the events every 30,60, 90 years  The Effect may be starting  in the Multiple of even 28 years to 30 years cycle. Since Rahu and Ketu are Most Important and there cycle is 18.5 years and they stay in a sign for 1.5 years the effect of Rahu and Ketu are also felt  in the Multiple of 17 years. The Spanish Flue took Place in Jan 1918 and after 102 years we have had Coronavirus absolutely parallel to Spanish Flue. The Worst Part of Saturn in Shravana Star is from the 25th April to 16th May 2021 when Mars will be giving Vedha to Saturn  in the Rashi and Nakshatra Sanghatta chakra and Mars will also aspect Saturn degree-wise on the 16th May 2021 . Saturn Stationary and Retrograde on the 23rd May 2021  and aspect of Mars in close degrees is also most enigmatic Parameter in a nut shell for the Surge in Coronavirus , Natural and Unnatural Calamities, Earthquakes of Intensity, Mass happenings, Political Tug of War, Brawl between Nations going for a Toss. There could be Emergency  and Historic Situations as can be seen from the Planetary positions . The Ketu Leaving the Jyestha star  and then Break of Vedha between Mars and Saturn after the 16th May 2021 could mean that Ketu will remove its foot from Full Throttle  for Virus Spread. and slow ease may come  for the woes of the Virus and specially till Ketu leaves the sign Scorpio on the 17th March 2022 and then there is Exchange between the Stars of Rahu and Ketu on after the 7th-8th Feb 2023 we could get ease from the Virus totally. One Parameter which cannot be ignored is the Rahu in Rohini star and Forward and Stationary motion. this could be responsible in the Surge of Virus like a sine wave ups and downs  till 20th Sept. 2021 in the number of cases . last but not the least when Saturn also leaves the sign Capricorn on the 29th April 2023 the Disease will totally disappear

  The Planetary positions after  to  2nd June to 20th July  2021   Mars and Saturn will aspect each other. Till this Period we may have to live with constraints. If the Govt. does not extend the Lockdown in the immediate future then Lock down may have to be implemented after 15th May 2021  since the Planetary positions are not conducive  on the 16th May 2021. To Flatten the Coronavirus Curve we have to implement Lockdowns . Mars will aspect Saturn degree-wise on the 16th May 2021 and the on the 23rd May Saturn Stationary and having aspect of Mars all these conditions indicate Lockdown conditions .I have already mentioned that there will be slow ease  from the Virus. The time frame of the  14th Sept. to 20th Nov. 2021 is also enigmatic . Article 

Most Venomous Sept. 2021 Lunar Fortnight Of 13 Days Jupiter Fallen Retrograde Debilitated Solar Ingress in Virgo Astrologer Anil Aggarwala – Astrologer Anil Aggarwala (

 As per the above article the concern is of the Children since Jupiter will be 1st class Marak in the Solar Ingress chart of Virgo from the 17th Sept. 2021 to 17th Oct 2021 . In a Nut shell we will have roller coaster rides till the 20th Nov. 2021 but the Emergency like situations may ease once Mars and Saturn aspect  breaks from the 20th July 2021. Mars as the King of the Year as per the Pisces New Moon chart 2021-2022 and going in Debilitation and in 1/7 axis with Saturn can pose issues over all .  There will also be vedha  between the Planets  from the 5th Sept to 21st Oct  and then 3rd and 4th Nov. 2021  as per the Chakras as mentioned in the above Article

3rd 4th Nov. 2021 seems to be crucial since both in the Rashi and Nakshatra Sanghatta chakra there are vedha along with Jupiter aspect  on the Planets 



Hence  in the immediate future a Period till 16th May and till 2nd June 2021 is a Period for the Govt. to be alert and implement Lockdowns  to take care of the future when Mars and Saturn will be in 1/7 axis  from the 2nd June to 20th July  specially till the 1st July to 7th July 2021.The grace will be there will be no vedha between Mars and Saturn in the chakras between 2nd June to 20th July 2021.

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The Writer of the Article is not responsible for any person investing on the basis of the above Predictions and any loses made by any Individual, Company , Corporate shall be  doing on their own risk and Fancies . Please note this . This is an Astrological Predictions on the basis of the Book of Mundane Astrology  Guide Mr K N Rao  and Not My Own Parameters  Reference  Page 73 of the Book

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