Major Correction Stock & Financial Markets Espionage Terrorism Religious Fundamentalism Virus Spread On Cards As Per Solar Ingress In Cancer Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Major Correction Stock & Financial Markets Espionage Terrorism Religious Fundamentalism Virus Spread On Cards As Per Solar Ingress In Cancer Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

It sometimes becomes necessary to find out  which particular month in the life of the nation is likely to become historic in terms of achievement and disaster . This is done by making the Solar ingress charts. 12 charts are prepared  for entry of Sun in the 12 signs. Special consideration is given to entry of Sun in the cardinal signs  1,4,7,10 ( Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). It is believed that  Sun transit  in these cardinal  signs  give results for the coming 3 months . Special attention is given to the  position of Sun and malefic and benefic influence on Sun. The matters pertaining to the house where Sun is placed  figure  prominently during the 3 months specially . 

 The Solar Ingress in Cancer is taking place on the 16th July 2021 at 16.54 hrs  and the chart is below 

 The Panchang of the Day

The Day is Friday and the Lord is Venus placed in the 9th house in Gandantha and with Debilitated Mars and Sun is Most malefic parameter 

The Day Lord is also ill placed from the 8th house and the 8th Lord Mercury  Some Scams may be exposed  specially related to  women since there is Planetary war in the 9th house  between Mars and Venus 

Sun is placed in the 9th house in Pushkar navamsha as the 10th Lord  is very strong raj yoga but with Debilitated Mars  and Venus in Gandantha . Mars is the Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord and Venus is the 7th and the 12th Lord and all the 3 having aspect of the 3rd Lord Saturn  placed in the house of boarders . Sun though strong is influenced by malefics  and indicates the significations of the 9th house would suffer and the complete month news of untoward happenings in the world will be there . The Lagna rising is Scorpio the 7th house of the Foundation chart having Disease karka Ketu and the Lord is placed in the 9th house in Debilitation. Sun is also placed in a dagdha Rashi is not good and reduces its shine . All this is indicative of the Supreme Court may give a major and important decisions in the coming 30 days
Lagna and the Lagna Lord are weak the nation has to suffer on account of the Virus and the turbulence due to Espionage and Terrorism by Foreign elements .

2nd House is in Paap Kartari yoga  and the Lord is Jupiter placed in the 4th house in Retrogression, Hence both 2nd house and then Lord are weak. 2nd house is the financial condition of the Country , Revenues of the state,, National wealth and purchasing power, capacity to invest in stock and bonds , Taxation and revenues. 2nd Lord Jupiter also has influence of the Debilitated Mars  is not good .

3rd House  of Boarders has Saturn Retrograde and the Cancer -Capricorn Axis is afflicted badly   along with Taurus-Scorpio by Rahu and Ketu and Venus is also in affliction, all these parameters indicate war like situation in the country. One good parameter is the 3rd house is strong and hence  India may do good in the Olympic 2021 and may achieve Success in the Tokyo Olympics from July 23 to August 8.
4th Lord is placed in the 3rd house and 2nd Lord is placed in the 4th house , 4th house is agricultural industry, mines  and minerals and mining disasters , school , colleges, educational institutions  all seem to suffer , Throne of the King , opposition parties  , general happiness trade and agriculture  all may suffer. Jupiter  will enter into Mars Star  on 22 July. After this, the financial sector will witness major movements. Mercury in the 8 house in it’s own sign is also very good for speculation and investment sectors. Upward trend will bring bearish conditions amongst various other factors after the 20th and 22nd July 2021

Mars’s transit ahead of the sun will cause pain to both farmers and general public by creating drought and flood situation. North India will receive some good rainfall from 16th to 20th July 2021 but after this  the monsoon speed may again break due to the transit of Mars ahead of Sun in the sign Leo this may influence the inflation and increase in the prices  of the eatables .
5th house is having aspects by Moon the 9th Lord  some restrictions may be imposed 

7th house has Rahu the house of Wars and the Lord is placed in the 9th house in gandantha with Sun and Debilitated Mars  indicates Espionage and Terrorism and war like conditions in the Country 

8th house is in Paap Kartari yoga and 8th Lord is in Mrityu bhag most malefic component of the ingress chart

9th house   Venus and Mars Planetary war in the 9th house is not good as mentioned above there will be too many disturbing International news  which may cause unrest . Specially the Mars and Venus where Sun also joins  and the Day Lord  Venus is ill placed from the 8th house and the 8th Lord  , hence scams may also be exposed related to Women 

D6 Chart 

 The 6th Lord of the Ingress chart Mars is placed in the Lagna and having aspect of Saturn indicates problems due to Virus and diseases 

3rd house is capacity to fight the disease and  the Lagna Lord  Jupiter retrograde is weak placed there 

4th house is the support giver and the Lord  Mercury is in mrityu bhag is weak  and hence no support

8th house has debilitated  Sun  is extremely bad  since it indicates  Chronic and incurable disease and permanent enemies . Hence Sun ingress in the sign cancer may be most malefic and venomous.

11th house has Rahu, Ketu Moon and Saturn in the house of Expansion of Diseases  specially when the Dasha of Moon-Saturn for India in operation is another parameter which can create Emergency like situations 

D8 Chart

The Lagna rising is Gemini and the Lord is in Mrityu bhag  and placed in the 6th house  indicating problems to elders and Friends 

The 7th house has the 2nd Lord Moon  but the 7th Lord Jupiter is placed in the 8th house of Scandals, Unearthed money , accidents, Insurance claims, death and chronic problems . Jupiter Placement here is not good since it signifies children

8th Lord of the D8 is Saturn placed in the 3rd house  is a grace  but in inimical sign

Planet afflicted By Rahu and Ketu is Sun. this Planet owns the 3rd house in the D8 chart and the 10th house in the Rashi chart, hence will give  chronic disease to the 3rd house significations. According to Prashna Marg Army Chief or a Leader of Status 

Afflicted 12th Lord of the Ingress chart Venus indicates Hospitalization


  1. Religious and communal disturbances in the Country .
  2. Farmers agitation
  3. Boarder clashes and Terrorism specially in Jammu & Kashmir
  4. Brawl with neighbouring countries  China and Pakistan going for a toss till the 7th July most prone 
  5. Delta Plus Variant may acquire special dimension as already predicted which may influence the children, masses  and old people
  6.  Air and Rail Accidents 
  7. Important Leader of the Ruling Party or Army Chief as per Prashna Marg may have serious health issues 
  8. Earthquakes and Floods  cannot be ruled out
  9. Stock and Financial Markets may have major Correction  For Details contact personally . Please read Disclaimer Clause before investing . The writer of the Article is not responsible for any losses made by any Investor, individual, Company or Corporate. He shall be responsible himself  for any losses incurred 
  10. Changes in the Portfolios  of the Cabinet Ministers 
  11. Unusual happenings for Mars ahead of Sun after the 20th July 2021 less rain, inflation and rise in prices
  12. India Achievements in the Japan Olympics
  13. Major Influence  on the Stock and Financial Markets of the World
  14. Health of Army Chief or High Political Leader may be influenced adversely
  15. Mars and Venus in the 9th house  Planetary war and Sun joins the sign Scams related to Women may be exposed. Women have to be careful specially during late hours 
  16. The effect will be felt for 3 months  since Sun in cardinal sign

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