Raj Kundra British Indian Businessman Arrested In Adult Film Racket What Star’s Foretell ?

by anil aggarwala


Raj Kundra British Indian Businessman Arrested In Adult Film Racket What Star’s Foretell ?


It has been observed in the past  that when ever the Planet Venus is afflicted in Transit  there is crime against women and sex rackets are also exposed . The intensity of the crime is intensified  specially when Mars is with Venus.  Mars and Venus  were in the sign Cancer the 4th house of the Natural Zodiac and now  they are both in the sign Leo .Mars represents the urge of erotic passions in a female, while  Venus is symbolic of lust in a male. When these 2 planets conjunct in a sign the psychology of sex  becomes abnormal and life is disturbed due to some sex rackets . The Connection of Mars and Venus in the natal Chart is also conducive to give similar results if both are afflicted and specially Mars is connected to Venus.  June 2020  when Venus was afflicted  and was with  Sun in Taurus was having 4th aspects of Mars Sushant Singh Rajput Death Scandal took place in the Film Industry. Now Between the 11th July to 17th July  there was Planetary war between the Mars and Venus in the Sign Cancer the 4th house of the natural zodiac. Sun also joined the sign cancer on the 16th July 2021 and aggravated the Significations of both Mars and  Venus since both were in Planetary war and then both were passing through Gandantha  points. In the case of Raj Kundra as per the Natal horoscope the Mars and Venus are transiting over the Natal  Sun and Venus. In the Natal chart Mars with Ketu  from the 7th house also aspects the Venus in Leo by 4th aspect .

First Read My Article on the Solar Ingress of Sun in Cancer 

This is with reference to my Article  On the Solar Ingress of Sun in Cancer  written on the 26th June 2021. In this Article I had Specifically mentioned that there will be Crime against Women and there are also Chances of Some Scams related to Women may also be exposed 

Let me reproduce the Important text written in the above article  below

The Solar Ingress in Cancer is taking place on the 16th July 2021 at 16.54 hrs  and the chart is below 

 The Panchang of the Day

The Day is Friday and the Lord is Venus placed in the 9th house in Gandantha and with debilitated Mars and Sun is Most malefic parameter . There is Planetary war between the Mars and Venus took place between the 11th to 17th July 2021 . Sun in Cancer added fuel to the fire 

The Day Lord is also ill placed from the 8th house and the 8th Lord Mercury  Some Scams may be exposed  specially related to  women since there is Planetary war in the 9th house  between Mars and Venus. All this is happening in the 4th house of the natural zodiac and the 3rd house of the India Foundation chart where the 5 Planets are situated in the Foundation chart of India

9th house   Venus and Mars Planetary war in the 9th house is not good as mentioned above there will be too many disturbing International news  which may cause unrest . Specially the Mars and Venus where Sun also joins  and the Day Lord  Venus is ill placed from the 8th house and the 8th Lord  , hence scams may also be exposed related to Women 

Point No. 15 .Mars and Venus in the 9th house  Planetary war and Sun joins the sign Scams related to Women may be exposed. Women have to be careful specially during late hours 

Now Just Read the News  for Some Scam which is also indicated by the 8th house  and involvement of Mars and Venus 

Raj Kundra arrested by Mumbai Police for making adult films

Raj Kundra arrested in case related to creation of porn films

What is the case in which Raj Kundra has been arrested?

On February 4 of this year, the Mumbai police said they had arrested five people for allegedly forcing women into porn movies. They would promise these aspiring actresses, who came to Mumbai from various parts of the country, roles in web series. However, on the day of the shoot, they would change the script and threaten the women to expose themselves. If the women refused, they were asked to foot the bill for the shooting preparations.

What does the police say was the role of Raj Kundra?

There were two aspects of the police probe. One was nabbing those who produced these porn shows and the other focused on those who broadcast these clips. Some of these production houses broadcast from servers outside the country.

One such UK production house, found to be uploading such content, came under the police scanner and its executive Umesk Kamat was arrested. An officer said that it was Kundra’s alleged connection to Kamat and the company that uploaded such pornographic content that landed him in trouble.

Are any other similar cases pending against Kundra?

Kundra had applied for anticipatory bail last month in connection with a case registered by the Maharashtra Cyber police last year. In that case too, the cyber police had registered an FIR against various platforms which they said were involved in showcasing pornographic content. The court is likely to decide on the anticipatory bail application next week.

He was arrested on the 19th July 2021 around 20-00 hrs . I will try to analyse what are the  Planetary positions  on the Day of Birth and the 19th July 2021  as per the Chart below

Raj Kundra is born on the 9th Sept. 1975  14-00 hrs London as per The Information on the internet 

Have a Look at the chart Below of the 19th July 2021 20-00 hrs Mumbai and the Birth Details  with the same ascendant  Capricorn  which is rising on the 19th July 2021 when he was arrested  

The Panchang of the Day is as follows 

The Day is Monday  and the Lord is Moon  and is afflicted badly debilitated and with Ketu . Moon is in the Star is Vishaka and considered  a formation of Mrityu Yoga which is most inauspicious for  Raj Kundra . There is also exchange between Moon and Mars and both are debilitated . The Day Lord is placed in the yama of Scorpio where Moon is Placed in affliction and the Yama Lord Mars is also under deep debilitation and also in Gandantha. This parameter  indicates anguish and deep pain for Raj Kundra .

Avyogi Planet Saturn placed in the Lagna adds fuel to the fire  having mutual aspect Mars Venus and Saturn

Transit Sun over natal Saturn degree -wise and Venus over natal Venus degree wise. Rahu over the natal Ketu and Ketu over the natal Rahu Time of Agony and Pain. Jupiter in Aries about to Fall in Pisces  in since retrograde in the natal chart and Transit Jupiter about to fall in debilitation since also in Retrogression. Arrested on Monday when Moon Star was Vishaka Mrityu Yoga is most malefic parameter for him . He can be in deep Trouble till Saturn goes in Aquarius and influences the Natal Sun and Jupiter then he could get some relief after the 29th April 2022 with Great difficulty  taking a positive stance although the planetary positions are extremely  poor for conducive results to occur for him The Connection of Mars and Venus together with Sun shows Scandals related to women

As per the Chart above  The Dispute will prolong the Moon and the Lagnesh are not related 

Equally Malefic Planets are posited in the 1/7 axis  the dispute will prolong 

Will the Native get Bail or Not  ?

The Parameters are not conducive to give  bail to the native  asper this Time but can get as per the time of the Court hearing which is not known

Nature Of Judgement

Saturn in the Kendra has aspects of  Mars  leads to unfair judgement 

Success for Appeal

There may not be any Success in appeal as per the Planetary positions on the 19th July 2021

 The Navamsha Rising is of Taurus and owned by Venus and Venus is in 1st Navamsha hence with in 10-15 days the Results may be seen. This is strictly as per the Time of Arrest 

The Planet which acquires the most important dimension is Mars since about to change sign and go in the 8th house and join Venus . Hence  Even Raj Kundra’s wife Shilpa Shetty may also be in Problems as can be seen from the Planetary positions 

In the D8 Chart the 12th Lord Jupiter is under affliction hence the native can be Arrested and kept in custody.

Let us also see what the Natal chart has to say on the Arrest of Raj Kundra on the 19th July 2021 

 The Natal Chart is Below  of the 9th Sept. 1975 14-00 hrs London UK the Horoscope in Circulation on then internet 


10th Lord Sun in Pushkar navamsha , Rahu In Pushkar navamsha 

Moon in Amrit Ghati 

Jupiter in Gandantha

Indu Lagna Virgo Mercury in Own house and Exhalted  Very Rich

Yogi Point  Gemini

Yogi Graha Rahu and Avyogi Graha Venus

Shree Lagna Scorpio

Shree Lagna Lord and Indu Lagna Lord are natural enemies  hence the native will face  Legal  problems in the Profession

8th House in Paap Kartari yoga

Garbshishta Planets  Rahu-Ketu

Born on Tuesday Ups and Down in Life 

Sp-5 Tithi

 Karna Bava and the Lord is Sun Placed in the 10th house very Strong  and in Pushkar navamsha 


The Garbshishta Planets  Rahu and Ketu are very well placed from the 10th house 10th Lord  and  also from the MCL of the 10th house Sun who is placed in the 10th house in own sign  digbali and in Pushkar Navamsha  is extremely powerful  yoga  It is with Venus Retrograde very powerful but is a Avyogi planet and has aspects of Mars  from the 7th house where Mars is with Ketu. Hence Venus is afflicted in the chart of Raj Kundra and in the 10th house .In the Navamsha it has gone in own house in the 8th house which is the 7th house of the natal chart. In the Dashamsha it is debilitation and placed in the 12th house of end of Career and secretive activities. Note these Predictions they very much tally with the present state of the affairs since he is running the Dasha of Mercury-Venus since  28-9-2020 till 30-7-2023 . Presently .Raj kundra stars are not doing well these days as explained  above when the crime branch has taken him in custody and  he is on remand till the 27th July 2021 .Venus is called the planet of luxury ,pleasure, beauty, poetry, media, film industry. When this Venus is afflicted as mentioned above and is also an Avyogi planet makes a person extremely sensual, addictive, greedy, and selfish, causing  them to face humiliation because of women and sex scandals. Rak Kundra was Born in a Ordinary Family but the strength of the 10th Lord Sun and the MCL of the 10th House Sun in Pushkar navamsha crystal clears indicates early and a Strong Profession in life  by virtue of which he will make tonnes of money .The Wealth combinations below show very strong Combinations since the Indu Lagna of the 2nd House also falls in the 10th house which is super strong. This Parameter has enabled Raj Kundra to Raise his assets to 4 figure Crores 



Indu Lagna is in the 11th house Virgo where the Mercury is placed in Exaltation sign crystal clear shows that the Person is extremely Rich.

Indu Lagna of the 2nd House

Indu Lagna of 2nd house is  Leo and Jupiter aspects it , Jupiter is Placed well from this sign and also from the 2nd House 

Richness from the Below further shows that the person had made wealth himself since Jupiter mis in trinal houses from the Indu Lagna of the 2nd House which is also very strong , but Venus Placed there as avyogi and under affliction may spoil the wealth due to women involvement in the business 

Indu Lagna of 11th house 

The Sign is Capricorn  and Jupiter is placed in the Kendra from this sign but not placed well from the 11th house and the n11th Lord Hence the Native may not be able to enjoy the wealth earned since Jupiter is not well placed from the 11th house and the 11th Lord Mercury

Indu Lagna is Virgo and the Sree Lagna is  Scorpio and both are Bitter enemies in the Compound relationship of the Planets this will lead to Legal complications in life which will ruin the wealth

 In the D8 Chart the 8th Lord Venus  is placed in the 10th House  in Rahu-Ketu axis spoils the smoothness in life  and Scandals are unearthed  specially when the anter Dasha of Venus is in operation


The 9th house has Saturn and the 9th Lord is in the 12th house clearly shows the status of the parents . The details can be seen from the respective Varga chart D12 

D12 Chart  

This Chart indicates the Status of the Parents he is born and since Pisces ascendant is rising and the 7th house has Debilitated Venus aspects  the Lagna shows the weakness of the Parents specially when he is born in the Dasha of Rahu-Ketu and Sun is with Ketu in the 3rd house in the sign Taurus

D10 Chart 

 The Lagna Lord of the Natal Chart Mars is placed well hence the person is dedicated to his work. The Mars is placed in the 11th house in the sign of Leo which is the 10th house of the natal chart is extremely good for growth. The Unfortunate part is the Lagna Lord of the D10 Chart is Venus Avyogi and Placed in the 12th house of end of Career and Secretive activities , Hence the Lagna becomes weak specially in the  anter dasha of Venus the native is liable to face  troubles related to Venus and Scandals related to women. 10th Lord of the D10 Chart should not be connected to the 6,8, 12th house , Here the 10th Lord Moon is placed in the 6th house with the 10th Lord Sun of the Natal chart. Sun and Moon Connected to the trik bhavs  gives problems from the Govt. specially when Sun goes in the 6th house , it could even be a Govt. Raid at the official Premises . In fact this is what has Happened in the Dasha of Mercury-Venus-Moon  starting from the 10-5-2021 to 5-8-2021. The Connection of the Jupiter , Mars  Sun and Venus connection to the 10th house made Raj Kundra rich and this gave him lot of opportunities to earn a lot of money in businesses like hotels, media, sports, etc.



Mars connection to the 2nd house from the 7th house where Mars is afflicted by Ketu gave him 2nd Marriage in the year 2009 in the dasha of Saturn-Moon   and got Married to Shilpa Shetty. The First Marriage broke since the 7P Saptama rudh is Scorpio and has aspects of planet afflicted by Ketu. MCL of the 7th house is also Rahu such people marry outside their caste . Venus is behind Sun such people are not adjusting . 

Mumbai Police has remanded Raj Kundra in connection with the the money earned from films and illegal spread of content on  the internet. As per Astrology  Business, Marriage and Sex is seen from the 7th house where Mars and Ketu are placed Mars is the 8th Lord of the natural zodiac and not good when afflicted in the 7th house . This crystal clear indicates immoral activities  relating to the 7th house .

  Ketu over then natal Rahu and Rahu over the Natal Ketu and Mars joined Taurus Sign where Rahu was transiting  In Feb. 2021 when a Case was filed  against him on the 4th Feb 2021

 Mars and Venus over the Natal Venus  as Explained above and Mrityu Yoga on the Day of Arrest when Capricorn sign was rising and the Transit Saturn in the 4th house from the natal Moon Put him in deep trouble .

In his chart Jupiter is about to Fall in the sign Pisces since Retrograde and In Transit also Jupiter is on its way to fall back in Capricorn the 3rd house of the Chart and in the 4th from Moon will Put him in deep trouble in the Case Related to Contents circulated on the internet . 

 The Dasha of the 3rd, 5th and the 7th  Tara from the 7Pada  Scorpio are most malefic for the Matrimonial life , Hence the Dasha of  Mercury-Venus  may also ruin his Marriage  as can be seen from the Planetary positions 

Transit Venus will go in Capricorn on the 8th Dec. 2021 and fall back in Sagittarius on the 30th Dec to 27th Feb 2022 will be most enigmatic for Raj Kundra apart from the time frame from the 14th Sept to 20th Nov. 2021 . This is only an Astrological Analysis and purely based on the Birth details on the Internet They can be wrong also . Disclaimer Clause is applicable since I donot have any personal interest . This is for the sake of Astrological analysis only 

BVB Research Scholar and Award Winner
Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala
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  , Mars ,  Jupiter and Sun are Placed very well in the chart and connected to the 10th house . Rahu in the Lagna  person is very materialistic

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