Saturn Opposition With Sun 2nd August 2021 What It has Up It’s Sleeves ?

by anil aggarwala

“Saturn Opposition With Sun 2nd August 2021 What It has Up It’s Sleeves ? “

On the 2nd August 2021 at 11.44 hrs IST Saturn and Sun will be in exact opposition at 16.01 degrees  in the Capricorn-Cancer Axis .  During this time Saturn will be closest to Earth since in 180 degrees from Sun.  The Significations of Saturn therefore will be felt by the world. In the Foundation chart of Indian both Sun and Saturn are posited in the sign Cancer the 3rd house of the chart.  In the Foundation Chart of India Sun is the 4th Lord and Saturn the 9th and the 10th Lord . In Mundane Astrology the Opposition and Conjunction of Planets is extremely important. These indicate a turning point in the history of the nation. The signification of the Planets has also to be considered . We have to see the houses ruled by them and the Stars in which they are in transit. Crystal Clear point out that  terrorism at the Indian boarders specially in Jammu & Kashmir and The Situation in Afghanistan may turn ugly.

Have a Look at the Navamsha both Sun and Saturn majorly afflicted and in Rahu-Ketu axis . The Significations of the Sun and Saturn may suffer . Saturn is the 10th and the 11th Lord of the Natural Zodiac and Sun is the King  and Saturn Retrograde hence our Karmas of the Kings may be evaluated and the Results of the same be seen .  Scams related to High Politicians  and Celebrities may be exposed in the coming 13 days  till Sun in Cancer . Landslides, Earthquakes are also on the Cards 

For India the Cancer -Capricorn axis afflicted. Taurus -Scorpio axis afflicted  and Venus with  Mars is time for Anguish and Pain.  Confrontation with Neighbours cannot be ruled out 

2021, August 2: From space Earth is between the sun and Saturn. This is opposition.

On the Night of the 25th June 1975 when Sun and Saturn were in the sign Gemini Indira Gandhi imposed Emergency .

On the 27th July 1991 Saturn was in Capricorn at 9.56 degrees Retrograde and Sun was in Cancer at the same degrees 

Cauvery water dispute between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The Situation had become very ugly with dire consequences for both the States . Luckily  heavy rains in Karnataka  came to the rescue and water was released from Tamil Nadu. Since Sun and Saturn are in Parallel situations in the same axis  and same stars  we could experience  similar situations in the Country.

Sun and Saturn are bitter enemies . In the foundation chart they are in watery sign  Cancer together  .Cancer is a watery sign and Capricorn is the Rashi given to India by Varahamihra and a Traditional sign of India. Cancer also represents marchy places. In a Particular year they may be  disputes over water or problems relating to water  or problems related to Flooding may occur. This also indicates that the Govt. may influence the prices of Fertilizers. Sun and Saturn opposition also indicate problem to the Govt. through depressed class. In the Horoscopes of Politicians  and Rulers if Sun is afflicted  then this period shows  struggle and Tribulations. The Decision taken by them may  not be wise and hence they may suffer on account of the same . In the Pisces New Moon Chaitra Pratipada chart of the 12th April 2021 08-01 hrs Sun is in Watery sign and has aspects of Saturn from the sign Capricorn. Hence  The Nation may suffer on account of Water  and Flooding  in several areas. Earthquake of Intensity and Tsunami are not ruled out around the world specially at the Coastal areas and needless to mention the Countries Indonesia, Japan, Philippines , China India may be influenced adversely. Lock downs may be imposed in the coming 13 days specially in the South India and then subsequently in other states . Sept. 2021 will be the Worst Month for the Globe in all respects it so seems specially from the 7th Sept. 2021 due to Lunation for 13 days 

Sun opposite Saturn natal has an inhibiting effect. It presents hardship and restriction in life, often starting from difficulties with your father who may have been absent or weak. You are a serious person and grew up quickly. You may have preferred older friends when you were young. You can be too critical of yourself, of other people, and be subject to criticism. You may have felt unloved and unlovable. Basically, poor self-esteem probably held you back. But you became an expert at learning for yourself using critical thinking. You are extremely studious and this can lead to remarkable achievements and the highest recognition.

Transiting Sun opposite Saturn can bring restrictions and hardship. It can time for real struggle to overcome these limiting conditions and there may be  barriers to progress, Saturn makes it harder to express yourself. You may have to deal with melancholy, worry, loss, grief, disgrace, or low self-esteem specially for those who have afflicted Sun inn the natal chart

Difficult relations are possible with your father, other Govt. authority figures, and older people. Other people, in general, may be critical, demanding, and impatient towards you. To get what normally comes easy, you may have to become more demanding, or more patient.

The above Transit  can make you miserable and frustrated, or they can make you determined to succeed. With critical thinking, and a serious, thoughtful attitude, you can learn new skills and gain valuable knowledge. Hard work, patience, and persistence can lead to achievement, recognition, and respect. If you do still feel frustrated, try plodding along by yourself on some personal goal where you do not require the assistance of others.

The Transit  May adversely Influence the Prices of Fertilizers, Oil, Steel and there may also be influence on the Stock and the Financial Markets and Nifty may cross the 16000 level with in 13 days from the 2nd August 2021 .

Once again there may be  Earthquakes of Intensity ,Flooding and Tsunamis’ like situations in the world. Landslides after Rains are also on the cards  in the Himachal Pradesh and other Hilly areas of the World and India

Parts of north India have been jolted by several earthquakes in the last week, while the tremors in Bikaner were of 5.3 magnitude and the ones felt in Hyderabad were 4.0. A new seismic mapping now shows that 59 per cent of the country is prone to earthquakes of different intensities. Hence India is also Prone to Earthquakes specially in the coming 13 days from 2nd August 2021. The Farmers agitation could  also be on the Cards  Govt. restrictions may be imposed  specially the Lock downs for the Covid-19 Spread Note these Predictions specially in the South India to start with

Entire mountain rolls down in Himachal, scary video goes viral

a group of people walking down a dirt road: Entire mountain rolls down in Himachal, scary video goes viral

Shimla, July 30 (IANS) A massive landslide occurred at Kamrau in Himachal Pradesh’s Sirmaur district, blocking National Highway 707 near Barwas, on Friday owing to heavy rainfall in the region. However, no loss of life was reported. The Responsibility of Sun and Saturn. Astrology is amazing and can predict any thing and every thing 

Horoscope Of Afghanistan of the 17th July 1973 00-00 hrs Kabul is Below

Dasha of Saturn-Sat-Ketu in operation in the 3rd house with Ketu having aspect of Mars from the 12th house indicates trouble from  Terrorist Groups. The Transit Sun and Saturn exact opposition and Transit Saturn over the Natal Jupiter  degree-wise over the natal moon also may prove to be most explosive for the Country . The coming 13 days may be most ugly along with the Time frame from the 14th Sept. to 20th Nov. 2021 when Jupiter will fall over the natal Jupiter  and Moon. I am afraid to write more the Country may be in the worst condition during this time frame.  Till the 4th April 2022 I do not see any Respite in a broader spectrum 

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