Will Kerala Be Epicentre Of India’s 3rd Covid Wave? Astrological Analysis Indicates There Is A Possibility

by anil aggarwala

“Will Kerala Be Epicentre Of India’s 3rd Covid Wave? The Answer Is Possibly Yes ”

Things don’t seem to be going too well for Kerala. The state hailed for its effective strategies to combat the second wave of Covid-19 is now seeing a resurgence in cases, with a latest serosurvey by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) done between June 14 and July 6 pointing that Kerala has least Covid antibodies at 44.4 per cent.

The steady rise in infections in southern Kerala is posing a big challenge to the state’s overstretched health system and exposing the government to opposition attacks. Kerala was the first state to report a Covid case in the country in January 2020 and the pandemic has shown no signs of abating here in the last three months, health ministry statistics show. As the Union Health Ministry sounded the alarm, News18 breaks down Kerala’s battle with the pandemic.

 Looking into the situations after the 20th June 2021 when Jupiter went in retrogression the 6th Lord of the Foundation chart of Kerala of the 1st Nov 1956 00-00 hrs Thiruvananthapuram  I decided to have a look at the  Chart . 

The State is running through enigmatic Dasha of Mercury-Ketu from the  9th Feb 2021 to 6th Feb 2022. According to Shri K N Rao the Dasha of Ketu-Mercury or Mercury Ketu has to seen with care specially when these both are afflicted in the chart  by malefics . In the Case of Kerala both Mercury and Ketu are afflicted . Mercury with Debilitated Sun and Ketu having aspect of Both Mars and Saturn. Mercury is a functional Malefic for Cancer Lagna  and both are in 6/8 axis in the Natal chart. Apart from this Mercury is the Lord of the 22DK sign Gemini and Jupiter the 6th Lord is Transiting in the trinal house from the Sign Gemini considered to give negative results .. This also indicates Danger to the Ruling Govt.  apart from the surge in  Virus and diseases

D6 Chart  For Diseases 

The 6vh house is rising in this varga chart and Jupiter the Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord of the Foundation chart has gone in the 11th house of the D6 chart which indicates  expansion of the virus and disease . Mercury is placed in the 6th house afflicted by Saturn and the 6th Lord is placed in the 12th house with Rahu-Ketu and Saturn. Affliction to the 6th Lord of then D6 is bad for the Virus and diseases . The 6th Lord Jupiter is ill placed from Ketu the disease karka  which indicates trouble from the virus and the disease . While Ketu afflicted in the 12th house indicates Confinement and hospitalisation

D8 Chart For Chronicity of the Disease 

 The Lagna and the Lagna Lord should be strong to take care of the adversities where as here the Moon is with Rahu and Ketu in the 7th house makes the  Lagna weak . The 7th house is the house for imprisonment , Punishment, Confinement and hospitalisation. The 8th house is strong since Saturn is placed in own house but he 8th house is also of Chronic problems . Since the Lagna Lord Moon is in affliction the State may suffer on account of adversities in the state on account of  chronic diseases . 

Hence it is possible that the State may become the epicentre of the 3rd wave of Covid -19

The state has a high density of population (859 people per sq km), a large number of elderly population (at least 15% are above 60 years of age) and high volume of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, which have made its battle with coronavirus harder. Experts quotes by Hindustan Times said low testing rate, obsession with rapid antigen tests and over dependence on bureaucracy was among the reasons responsible for slowing down Kerala’s fight against the pandemic earlier . We could experience similar situations like the earlier times  when the 1st wave broke out 

The Other States Karnataka, Maharashtra Gujrat , Bihar, Tamil Nadu and Orrisa are also prone to surge in the virus specially the Maharashtra and over all South India

14th Sept to 20th Nov. 2021 will be the worst time for Kerala since the 6th Lord  Jupiter will be fallen , retrograde , debilitated and will be with the 7th and the 8th Lord in the 7th house the Marka house . Unfortunately at the time of the Solar ingress in Virgo Mercury will also be in fallen state from the 1st Oct to 2nd Nov. 2021 

Kerala Lockdown: Full lockdown in Kerala on July 31, Aug 1 amid rising COVID cases

Kerala Lockdown: Full lockdown in Kerala on July 31, Aug 1 amid rising COVID cases; check revised guidelines here

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