Neeraj Chopra & Ashraf Ghani Predictions Using Declination Of Planets Give Amazing Results

by anil aggarwala
Declination of Planets play wonderful role even when the  exact time of Birth is not known  and Predictions on the basis of Declination can be done specially in those cases where the time of birth is not available . If you know the time of Birth then it adds to most amazing predictions
In case of Ashraf Ghani it has played wonderful role and Predictions spot on even I do not have the exact birth time of the native CASE 1 

My Predictions using the above parameters have proved spot on for  Ashraf Ghani Using the Nadi Principles of Declination of Planets.  72 years of age IS MOST IMPORTANTR FOR HIM IN LIFE  the Planets Sun, Rahu, Venus and Jupiter  Play a strong role and if ill placed then a person  faces a Bolt from the Blue 

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He is born on the 19th May 1949 using the South Indian Techniques for Declination  TIME OF BIRTH NOT KNOWN. I am using the Moon Chart  and Declination of Planets 

8th Lord from the Moon sign  Sun is Placed in the 8th house from the 10th House and In transit  Sun was about to go in the 8th from the Moon sign on the 17th August 2021. This time frame played havoc in his life since he had to to flee from the Country  on the 16th August 2021  and Exactly after 20 years from the 11th Sept. 2001  when T\Military Troops were employed by US in Afghanistan

Ashraf Ghani, former Afghanistan President who fled Kabul, is now ‘settled’ in Abu Dhabi as per news dated 18th August 2021


A girl called up just  2-3 days back and with out any chart . I predicted about her that she would be over 48 years of age and her age may be multiple of 12 and may be over 48 years. I could tell her she had Marital discord during the Last one  year.  She replied in affirmative . Both Jupiter and Venus are in their MT signs  in her chart and her age is over 49 years . The Planets Jupiter and Venus as per Declination were there one  year back  over the natal Venus and Jupiter and today when she is talking to me Venus in Debilitation and Jupiter  about to fall in Capricorn. She was amazed at this .

Neeraj Chopra Of India(Javelin) (cropped).jpg

Neeraj Chopra VSM (born 24 December 1997) is an Indian track and field athlete who competes in the javelin throw. As of August 2021, he is ranked as world No. 2 by the World Athletics organisation. A Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) in the Indian Army, Chopra is the first track and field athlete to win a gold medal for India at the Olympics.[6] He is also the first track and field athlete from India to win at the IAAF World U20 Championships, where in 2016 he achieved a world under-20 record throw of 86.48 m, becoming the first Indian athlete to set a world record.

Chopra participated in the 2018 Commonwealth Games and the 2018 Asian Games, serving as the flag-bearer in the latter and winning gold medals in both. In his debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Chopra won the gold medal on 7 August 2021 with a throw of 87.58 m in his second attempt. As of 2021, he is one of only two Indians to have won an individual Olympic gold medal (the other being Abhinav Bindra), as well as the youngest-ever Indian gold medallist in an individual event and the only one to have won gold in his Olympic debut

 Very Simple he is 24 years old and the Planets which come into play are Jupiter and Venus and both have to be strong  in the natal chart  and on the 7th August 2021 at the time he was won the  Gold Medal. Since he is 24 years of age  his Jupiter may be debilitated but will have a neecha bhang rajyoga and  Jupiter the Exaltation Lord of Venus will be conjunct with Jupiter and since the Medal has been given to him for Olympics  Mars has to be Exalted . Hence conjunction of Jupiter, Venus and Mars in Capricorn  as per the Declination of the planets  to win a Gold Medal  in Olympics. Have a Look at the chart below of the 24th Dec. 1997 and the Transit of the 7th August 2021

Planets in the visible half hence early rise in life and rajyogas in the visible half  , Lagna Lord in the 11th house and 11th Lord in the Lagna and Neecha Bhag Raj yoga  between the Saturn and Jupiter 2nd Lord in the 11th house with 3rd Lord and Exalted Mars with Lagna Lord in the 11th house of Aspirations and achievements 

In  Transit 10th house from Moon  the 5th house of then chart and Padchuti . Sun, Moon ,Mercury and Mars and Venus in the 11th from Natal Moon. Excellent Raj yogas as per Declination also  for Jupiter, Venus , In Transit Jupiter, Mars and Venus are also connected as the Natal chart. Indicating results as per bhav siddhi kaal  which is exremely good . Transit Saturn and Jupiter activating Jupiter, Mars and Venus in Transit and if we take this Lagna then even the Dasha Lords 


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18th Aug. 2021 2021 11-00   NOTE THIS TIME FOR PREDICTIONS
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More than 1600 Predictions have been made and all spot on  with 96% True Results

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Disclaimer Clause applicable.  The writer of the Article is not responsible for any losses made by any individual, Company or Corporate . This is a Research Article and Predictions for Stock Markets can also fail . Keep this in mind 


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