Nifty Crosses 16100 Predictions Spot On! In My Article Saturn Opposition Sun 2nd August 2021

by anil aggarwala

Read My Article Saturn Opposition With Sun 2nd August 2021 What It has Up It’s Sleeves ?

Read this Para “The Transit  May adversely Influence the Prices of Fertilizers, Oil, Steel and there may also be influence on the Stock and the Financial Markets and Nifty may cross the 16000 level with in 13 days from the 2nd August 2021 . The Date 2nd August is most important for any change in the Stock and the Financial Markets and bullish trends as mentioned above

 The Rise can be till Sun and Saturn are in 6/8 axis in the naamsha  and then there will be volatile trends  and then Corrections as already mentioned in my earlier Articles  from Sept. 2021 onwards “

Nifty50 hits 16000! 29 stocks gave multibagger returns in NSE 500 since February

Sensex, Nifty, Mid And Smallcaps Hit Record Highs, What Is Fuelling The Rally?

Nifty50 surpassed Mount 16K for the first time on August 3 which translates into an upside of over 14 percent so far in 2021. The index completed its 1000-point journey in about 6 months.

Nifty50 hit 15000 for the first time on February 5 and since then has tried to surpass 16000 multiple times since June, failing each time. The index faced a strong resistance near 15900-16000, but it managed to surpass the levels on an intraday basis on Tuesday.

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