Mumbai Drug Bust What Planets Have Up Their Sleeves For Aryan Ananya & NCB Zonal Director ?

by anil aggarwala

This is with Reference to My Earlier Articles  on the subject . In this Article I am going to discuss the out come of the  Mumbai Drug Bust . Al though I don’t have the Exact birth details of the people involved I shall use the Progression and Declination method to predict what the planets have up their sleeves for them IN THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE AND FOR THE BAIL APPLICATION OF  ARYAN KHAN IN THE BOMBAY HIGH COURT 

 My Earlier Articles written are below 

1.”Ananya Pandey Planetary Positions Not Conducive As Per Day Of Birth And Transit Bound For Trouble”

She has Jupiter deep affliction since Fallen in Aquarius and with Ketu. After 21st Nov. 2021 Jupiter will be activated by Transit Jupiter  and hence trouble starts now and specifically after the 21st Nov. 2021 since she will complete 23rd year of life and Transit Jupiter and Jupiter as per declination will be over the natal Jupiter bound for Troubles. She also has Venus totally combusted hence these 2 planets may put her in trouble when  Transit Venus is also afflicted  specially between the 30th Dec to 27th Feb 2022

2.”Astrology Speaks Loudly ! Neecha Bhang Rajyoga Of Jupiter At 24 Year Running Will Give Relief After Anguish & Pain

Aryan Khan denied bail in Mumbai drugs case, to stay in jail

Aryan Khan is in Trouble since he has neecha bhag raj yoga of Jupiter  and is Debilitated in the sign Capricorn and the Transit and the Jupiter as per declination is over the natal Jupiter bound to give troubles  before it gives some ease 

Zonal Director NCB Sameer Wankhede Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Wife › sameer-wankhede

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— Sameer Wankhede was born on 14 December 1979 in Mumbai, India. He is an Indian government employee, IRS officer, Directorate of Revenue ..
As per Declination the Planet which comes into play in his life is Sun and Placed well in his chart Planets Mars, Jupiter and May be Moon also Vargottam . In Navamsha Saturn In Own House Capricorn Mercury Exhalted . Transit Ketu over his natal Mercury degree-wise Temporary Affliction. Sun, Saturn Moon and Mars very Strong Jupiter in Planetary war with Mars but vargottam, Hence Allegations on him . He will be the Winner I feel so all though I dont have the exact birth details. Sun Debilitated and having aspect of Mars and Saturn another negative parameter in the present Scenario in Transit. In D10 Career chart Sun is Exhalted but with Ketu hence some Controversary for sure. He will come out of it as can be seen from the planetary positions  since Sun is exalted in the D10. Please keep this in mind I donot have the complete Birth details and totally working on the Declination and Progression of the Planets and specially sun since Sun as per Declination is over the Natal Sun in Scorpio and when Transit Sun reaches Scorpio the actual facts may be known
Now Let us evaluate what will happen on the 26th Oct. 2021 on the bail application made by Aryan Khan in the Bombay High Court 

Mumbai drugs case highlights: Ananya Pandey gets NCB call, Bombay HC to hear Aryan bail on October 26

I don’t have the time of the Court hearing  but I will try my level best to Predict the outcome  of the Court Verdict on the bail application as per the time Frame on the 26th Oct. 2021 


26th Oct. 2021 10-30 to 12.33 hrs  Sagittarius Ascendant and the Parameters which acquire important dimension are as follows .

1.Lagnesh and the Moon are not related the dispute will prolong

2. Strong Benefic Mercury in the 10th House the hearing will be decisive

3. For Bail Lagnesh and the Moon have to be in Kendra , which is not there 

4. Lagnesh and the Moon both have to be in movable signs which is not there 

5. 2 Benefics  in Kendra  and DBA Planets Rahu-Sat-Mer  This parameter can give some relief  but  other Parameters not very conducive for Bail

Hence from the above it seems that if the Verdict of the Court comes between the 10-30 to 12-33 hrs there could be some relief 


  1. Dispute will prolong 
  2.  The Native may not get Bail 
  3. Mars in the 10th house Fair Judgement 
  4. Sun in the 10th house Severe and Punitive  Judgement 


The Planetary Positions are not conducive for Bail

The Hearing may come up after 15-30 hrs when Navamsha of Aries is rising and debilitated Saturn in the Lagna and Mars the day lord in the 7th house and the hearing may not be completed today and Difficult situations for Aryan Khan—– NOTE THESE PREDICTIONS 

BETWEEN 16-00  TO 17-00 HRS 

 The Planetary positions are not conducive to give conducive results for the Bail 

It is Possible that the Court may Give the decision on some other Day also , But the Planetary positions are weak for the Native Aryan Khan getting bail, and only possible between the 10-30 to 12.23 hrs only  although weak but taking a positive stance  he can get some relief during this time frame  but the case will Prolong  for Sure 


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