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Kumaraswamy Oath Taking Ceremony On Wednesday 23rd May at 4.30 PM: Simhasan Chakra Bolt From the Blue

JD(S) leader H D Kumaraswamy will take Oath as Chief Minister on the 23rd May at 04-30 Pm as per link Please refer to my Article “Kumaraswamy to swear-in as CM on May 23: A Bolt From The Blue As Per Simhasan Chakra” link…-simhasan-chakra/ ‎ dated 21st May 2018 at 18.00 hrs . […]

Kumaraswamy to swear-in as CM on May 23: A Bolt From The Blue As Per Simhasan Chakra

Karnataka power tussle HIGHLIGHTS: BJP’s Yeddyurappa resigns before floor test; Kumaraswamy to swear-in as CM on May 23 link Let us analyse the Planetary positions on the 23rd May 2018 Bangalore  The Day is Wednesday and the Lord is Me Mercury. It is a Benefic Day for Auspicious works  The  Tithi is SP-Navmi and a […]

Astrology Speaks Loudly ! Predictions On Karnataka Elections Prove On Dot

Yeddyurappa does a Vajpayee ahead of Karnataka trust vote? Here’s what happened in 1996 This is with reference to my articles on the Karnataka Elections in the month of May 2018. Proving on dot for the Day and even the time of the day Article 1.”Karnataka Legislative Assembly Election, 2018: What Stars Foretell ?” […]

SC Turns Down The Plea of Congress, Pro-tem Speaker To Oversee Trust Vote. What Stars Foretell For BJP Floor Test ?

BREAKING NEWS SC turns down the plea of Congress, pro-tem speaker to oversee the trust vote. Watch Live TV. The Oath Taking started at 11.03 am My analysis for the same as follows Adding some parameters at 11.03 am on the 9th May 2018. The Process of Oath taking of the MLA’S starts at 11.03hrs […]

Karnataka Election Crisis. Floor Test 19th May Before16.00 Hrs. : What Stars Have Up Their Sleeves ?

Read my article “Swearing-in Ceremony Of BS Yeddyurappa As CM of Karnataka: What Stars Foretell ?” link…/swearing-in-ceremony-of-bs-…/ dated 17th May 2018 Read the 1st Para “”The Panchang of the Day The day is Thursday a benefice day and the Lord is Jupiter Retrograde in the 5th house of Pada Prapti and placed in the […]

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