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Analysing Planets in Mrityu Bhag and Pushkar Navamsha

A small note for astrology lovers and learners of Astrology Mrityu Bhag Planets in Mrityu Bhag is a  Vital Parameter and if not analysed properly can lead to wrong Predictions . The Fateful degrees of Planets in different sign called Mrityu Bhag  are considered  Inauspicious. While analyzing the planets in mrityu bhag one must give importance to […]

Using Tamil Texts for Dasha Interpretation

Astrological Principles that we find today have a Varied approach in delineating a Particular Natal Dasha Pattern of a Particular Native . All Theories have their unique  Principles of interpretation of Planetary Positions  or Dasha Pattern . One Such Theory Found in the Tamil Classic,  which is “Chandrashekharan” and discussed here in the Method 3. […]

Astrology The Most Sacred Science

In the year 2002 I had been to the Famous Mathematician and Astrologer in the Central Delhi  and after she had an Glimpse of my Chart she told  me I will live till the Certain age . I told her I have not come to find out my Age and want some Solutions to my Problems . […]

My Article Trump Or Clinton In the Presidential Elections Of US

My Article Trump Or Clinton In the Presidential Elections Of US  on 8th Nov. 2016 link…ons-8th-nov-2016/ Dated 13rd June may be Treated as Cancelled since  I have Taken the Birth Chart of Gemini Lagna   and as per  K N Rao  Vide Link   which does not seem to be authentic as also mentioned by […]

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