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Predictions On Down Fall Of Congress Dynastic Politics Prove On Dot Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

Indira Gandhi was assassinated when Saturn was 24.47 Degrees in Libra and Modi Came in power after 30 years when Saturn was again in Libra 24.47 and Modi again Comes in Power when Saturn 24.50 to 25.50 and same navamsha in Sagitarius when Saturn from Libra aspects the Present Transit to Brong Modi on the Pedestal with Flying Colors . My Research on this Proves on Dot

Saturn 24.5-25.5 Degrees Sagitarius Proves Most Auspicious For Modi’s Landslide Victory In 2019 Poll As Predicted Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

Saturn 24.47 degrees in Libra when Indira Gandhi was assassinated on the 31st Oct. 1984 and then Saturn again in Libra 24.47 Degrees when Narendra Modi took Oath as the Prime Minister Of India and Now Saturn again at 25 degrees in Sagitarius aspected by the 2 Saturn in Libra as mentioned babove Prove Most Auspiciuous for a Land Slide Victory

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