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A Glimpse On The Stock and The Financial Markets Of The Globe in 2019: What Stars Foretell ?

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The Key Parameter in the Global Economy in the future scenario will be the effect of the Nodes in the Dual signs , Jupiter will be Marak, Bhadak and having Kendraadhipati dosh for Gemini  where Eclipses would be taking place in the 1/7 axis in 2019 and Jupiter under affliction will be like a mad […]


Congress Party And Assembly State Elections : What Stars Foretell ?

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Rahu Adverse in Foundation and Progression chart strong Negative  for Congress, though they gain some positions with struggle and also pose competitive strength in the present scenario and gain in 2 states definitely in a nut shell as per the earlier Predictions  and the article mentioned under reference below.The Predictions are on the basis of […]

Mundane Astrology

Urjit Patel Resigns As RBI Governor: Ashtama Moon and North Node Adverse Prove Venomous As Predicted

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Ashtama Moon and Adverse Rahu at the time of Joining as Reserve Bank Governor for Urjit Patel Prove most Venomous. Astrology Predictions prove on dot  Breaking News Urjit Patel quits as RBI Governor, cites personal reasons for stepping down ASTROLOGY HAD PREDICTED LOUD AND CLEAR ON THIS  due to the reason that […]