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Pulwama Dastard Shielded China Blocks Bid To Ban Masood. Helps Terror Group As Predicted Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

Lunation in the 5th house in the fortnight from 6th March 2019 connected to the 3rd house and Mercury as the 3rd and 6th Lord of Pakistan Falls Back in Aquaruis on the 15th March 2019 May Prove Detremental between 15th March to 28th March 2019. Mars will add fuel to the fire when in the Roihini nakshatra from the 6th April to 27th April 2019 may be most Venomous in this time frame to ignite the things

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Jaish-e-Mohammed Plotting Another Pulwama Terror Attack In Kashmir; What Stars Foretell ? Astrologer Anil aggarwala

Mars, Saturn On wheel and Mercury Falls Back in the 5th house where Lunation took place as the 9th and the 12th Lord after in Debilitation and as per the Chart of Jammu and Kashmir from the 3rd house to the 2nd house Could be instrumenatl for similar Attack by the Terror Group it so seems , specially around the 20th to 28th Most Venomous though on the 15th also it cannot be ruled out

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‘Naya Pakistan’ With ‘Naya Soch’ ‘Naya Action’ Against Terrorism What Stars Foretell ?

Mars is on the steering wheel for Imran Khan and the Country being the Ascendant Lord of Pakistan Foundation chart and Placed in the Ascendant of Imran Khan. The Oath chart is weak one and the Birth chart having Mars in the Ascendant but the dasha of Mars is not in operation may not be able to score good mileage it so seems due to malefic Transits

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