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Jupiter In Leo in 2016 on Rampage Like Mad Elephant

 Jupiter In Leo in 2016 on Rampage Like  Mad Elephant  There is a superstition that Jupiter in Leo is not good for MARRIAGES. As per some books on Muhurat Jupiter in Leo is considered inauspicious and all acts which are avoided in Jupiter-Venus Combustion are avoided iwhen Jupiter is in Leo, specially when Jupiter is […]

Will Red Planet Mars and Roman God Saturn Squaring Jupiter Conjunct Demon Sprout Communal Roits

Will Red Planet Mars and Roman God Saturn Squaring  Jupiter Conjunct Demon Sprout  Communal Roits ? The year 2016 started with Guru chandal Yoga when Rahu ingressed over Stationary Jupiter on the 9th Jan. 2016 and aspected by Saturn . A yoga which is highly malefic  and already explained in  my various articles Mars and […]

Roman God Saturn Stationary Point 22.19 Degrees in Scorpio Triggers What ?

This article is in continution to my earlier Article “Saturn Stationary  19th March to 2nd April 2016: Sensitive Parameter For Global Events” link…er-global-events/ ‎ dated 14th March 2016 Let me also write here that my Predictions on the Share market coming True as written in the above article Now read this Sensex breaks 25000, […]

Red Planet Mars and God Of Romans Saturn Conjunct 8th house of Pieces New Moon Chart of US

This is in continution to my article”…rganisation-isis/” dated 24th March 2016 and  Article “Study of 2016 Eclipses for Earthquakes, Terrorism, Political Turmoils and World Economy” link ‎ dated 25th March 2016 Article “Planetary Alignments in 2016: Alarm Bells for World Massacare”…-world-tragedies/ Dated  19th March 2016  The Planetary Positions as I have been mentioning are […]

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