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Planetary War Of Superior Planets in ‘ZENITH’ Capricorn As Predicted Rashi Sanghata Chakra Foretell’s Dreaded Time Frame Till 16th April 2020 Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

As per the Article on Rahu and Ketu ingress in own stars Rashi Sanghata Chakra was discussed in the ‘EXPRESS STAR TELLER’ Nov. 2019 Edition on page 44. The Planetary positions from the 30th March to 16th April 2020 are dreaded ones, specially from the 30th March to 2nd April 2020. The 2 Superior Planets in Planetary war in the ‘Zenith’ and Moon, Mars and Saturn get vedha from Rahu and moon and Rahu together and 8th from them Mars, Saturn and Jupiter can be explosive . The COVID-19 COULD TAKE AN EXPLOSIVE AND DREADED SHAPE AS CAN BE SEEN FROM THE PLANETARY POSITIONS . THE RELIEF THEREFORE WHICH COULD HAPPEN BETWEEN THE 2ND TO 6TH APRIL 2020 MAY NOT BE ABLE TO BREAK THE COVID-19. THE PLANETARY POSITIONS FROM THE 29TH MARCH TO 2ND AORIL 2020 ARE DREADED ONE AS ALSO INDICATED BY THE RASHI SANGHATA CHAKRA

A Comprehensive Astrological Study Of The Planetary Positions For ‘COVID-19’ What They Have Up Their Sleeve’s ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

Solar Eclipse of the 21st June 2020 may add woes of the COVID-19 and Relapse of the Virus is possible since on the 30th June Mars will activate the Eclipse mpoint and Jupiter will fall back in the sign Sagitarius and again expand the disease with dimension till it is in Sagitarius with Ketu and crosses the 24-25 degree ars between the 10th to 20th August 2020

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