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Education 2

Subjects you will excel, stream of subject to choose? Want to go abroad for further studies……ask all of these questions .


Career 1

Career Abroad or India. Time  of rise and fall in Career. Will change in job improve my Career ?



Conducive periods for Marriage . Will marriage Bring Prosperity  ?  Will it be Love or Arranged  ?



Child Birth , Condusive Periods and Good Time  etc.

Property and House Purchase


When is the condusive Period and Favourable Period to Invest in Property and Buy a house for own needs .

Matching of Horoscopes


 Matching the horoscopes for Prosperity,Longevity and Growth.

Diseases and Stressful Periods


 Blood Pressure or a Heart  Disease. Medical Science is only able to Diagnose when the Disease comes . Astrology can Predict the Stressful

Periods for bad health.

Court Cases and Legal issues


Any type of Court cases and Legal Issues  can be well seen form the charts . Astrology can Predict  every thing regarding the same and when you will   free from all these adversities.

Finance  and Wealth issues

Foreign Travel and Visa

Dealing An Adverse Period Through Astrology

Teaching Astrology By Tamil Texts Natal, Prashna, Mundane and Financial Astrology

Support through Astrology Consultation

Any  other type of Query is welcome .

Even if you dont have a Horoscope and Birth details ,we have the answer to all your queries using Prashna Jyotish which is the Backbone of Astrology

All Predictions of the clients are maintained with Secrecy

Disclaimer: Predictions are made on the Birth details given by the querist and Clients, The Website does not take the Responsibility of wrong birth dates and specially wrong time given by the clients, since even one minute of time changes the respective varga charts used in fine Predictions and Respective  Parametrs like, Marriage, Career, and other issues mentioned above


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