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My Interview by Speed 5G Media on the 27th Jan. 2019 . About Astrology Predictions on Priya Prakash Varrier, Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi, Vijay Mallya. I was also asked who will be the next Prime Minister on the basis of Astrology in the Lok Sabha General Elections of 2019

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Interview with Mr. Anil Aggarwala Hindu Vedic Astrologer, Awarded with SAROJ MEMORIAL AWARD for Best Research in Astrology in the year 2011-2012. His Articles are Published in all the Leading Astrological Magzines of India along with the Astrological Magzines in the US.

 Mr. Anil is known for his successful Predictions for the US Presidential Elections for Trump and for the Massive Fall in the Financial Market in India due to Govt. Actions, and many more…

 I am personally following the mundane predictions of Mr. Anil and they are very accurate.


Mr. Anil, we are honored to have this chance to interview you for our students and visitors.

Tell us about your choice of the hindu astrology. How come you chose it over the modern one and why you think it is working better than the contemporary? What makes the vedic astrology so unique?

Mr Anil: Thanks Very much for the opportunity

My Father use to consult an Vedic Astrologer who happen to be the leading Astrologer in the Country. At the time of 1947 Mr. Hardeo Sharma Shastri Trivedi ,  gave the Time of the best Muhurat for the India Independence . He was also the Astrologer for the President of the Country then . In the Year 1966 My Father was Posted in a State and City where this Astrologer resided in Solan District (H.P) India and gave amazing Predictions to my Father .  In the Year 1986 One of the Astrologer Predicted that I would Visit 5 Countries and I challenged him with his Predictions and told him I would not get my Passport made , latter all was done with in 3-4 days by a Person whom I had helped in getting a job for his Son as return since he helped me in a Car challan of My Brother in Law.  I could not imagine he was also the Passport officer of the City  and got my Passport made , when I had told him that I was not interested and had challenged an Astrologer . The Predictions  of the Vedic Astrologer were on dot and I visited the Countries mentioned by him . Since then I use to wonder if I could learn this science and use to spend time with him on holidays  and developed deep interest , but since occupied with my Profession I could not pursue it then .


I find your analyses of the financial markets and your predictions in the mundane astrology amazing. Tell us more about this. First, what makes you so much attracted to this so difficult sector of astrology, I would say, the most difficult one?

Mr Anil: 

In Jan. 2007 I joined the Best School of ASTROLOGY  Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan in New Delhi and Did the course 3 times to reach the intricate of the Planets and interacted with One of the Teachers who is still my Guru. I have been observing the Financial Markets since Oct. 2008 and I was curious to know how the Planetary positions work for the Global events and ,Financial Markets. I use to keep a close track of the Moments of the Planets and observed that when the Planets change their State of Motion, Sign, Nakshatras , there would be a change in the Globe accordingly. This brought me in the Mundane Astrology  and I did Research under the Guidance of Mr. K N Rao, which was appreciated in the form of an Award for Excellent Research in 2012


How good is the vedic astrology in predicting mundane events and how exact it can be when predicting market changes? Please give us an example.

Mr Anil:

It has been observed that when the Major Planets which are slow moving go in retrogression they behave erratically and bring about bullish trend in the Financial Market. The Cycles of such Planets are most important and the Prime Importance is on the Planet Saturn the 10th and the 11th Lord of the Natural Zodiac, Jupiter the 9th and the 12th Lord of the Natural Zodiac , Rahu the North Node and the Significator Mercury. 59 years back Roman God Saturn was fallen in Scorpio on the 2nd June 1958, and what ever Results were given these 3-4 Planets were bound to repeat since the lowest common fact among the slow moving is 30 years and Saturn would come back to the same position as in 1958 as a Fallen Planet in June 2017 onwards and repeat the results. Saturn attained the status of a Fallen Planet after 21st June 2017 and repeated the results we all know . Read My Article in this Regard written much in advance of the actual haenings.

My Predictions asper this Principle proved on dot.

On the Basis of the Movement of the North Node Rahu I have predicted so many events and they have proved on dot. The Demonetization in India on the 8th Nov. 2016 The Date was on the dot


 Which are the predictive technics that you use?

Mr Anil:

I Use Tamil Texts of the Hindu Vedic Astrology .

The following are the Techniques

1.Prashna Jyotish By Tamil Texts.

2.Natal or Birth Chart Astrology Inclusive of Garbshishta Analysis and 5 Limbs of the Day

3.Mundane Astrology Require 39 charts. 24 Lunation charts , 12 Solar Ingress charts, Foundation chart of the Country, New Moon Pieces Chart, Republic Chart, My Research Vedic Progression chart By Tamil Texts.

4.Shakun and Omens .

5.Colour of Clothes.

6.By the first Letter of the Word Uttered.

7.By the Direction Faced by the Querist .

8.By the Body Parts Touched By the Querist.

9.By an Ashtmangla Number Between 100-999.

10.By Omens and Actions of the Querist.

11.By the time of the Query only (Prashna Triangle) My Research On Spot Predictions with this.

12.By the Breath of the Astrologer from Left or Right Nostril at the time of Query.

13.By Cycle of Planets in Transit.

14. By the First Foot Placed at the entrance 


Would you share an exceptional predictive method that exists only in the vedic astrology and that works without mistake?

The Prashna Jyotish is supreme as per Tamil Texts  and gives amazing good Results

Using the Foloowing Methods

  1. Panchag of the Day
  2. Yama Chart
  3. UdayLagna, Arudha Lagna and the Chaitra Rashi
  4. Navamsha Lagna , Hora Chart and the Dreshkaane Chart give amazing Accurate results


 Give us an example from the reality please; you predicted the result from the elections in 2016 saying correctly that Trump will win. You also wrote on your website about North Korea and USA. Would you share with us this particular prediction and how you see this mundane problem developing?

Mr Anil:

I have used the Principle of the North Node which is most Important in the chart of Donald Trump the Sun and Rahu in the 10th house , I also have the same  in my horoscope and I have experienced the same for my Career growth and applied in many Horoscopes giving amazing results . Apart from this the Yearly Progression charts By Tamil are amazing and point out the events for the particular Time frame for the Country , Native . The exact date and Month could also be seen by an Additional Transit chart matching the same to find the day of happening


 You are mentioning the omens, perhaps ancient vedic indian ominous phenomena. This is fascinating. In our School of Ancient Astrology we do have knowledge of the ancient Babylonian omens, but we know nothing about the vedic omens. Please share some knowledge with our students. Could you give us an example of the indian astrological omens, and could you be so kind to recommend literature?

Mr Anil:

There is no literature on this but I have tried to explain some in my article

I have also developed a technique to Tell the Querist with in 2 minutes the worries in the mind of the Querist without any chart or Information about the Querist and Found the Principles working amazingly well. They have been listed in the Article


 What about the importance of the eclipses? How important are they in your predictions, and do you analyze them as well?

Mr Anil:

They are most important and I have written an article recently

Analysisng Wars and used them for 2018-2019 Predictions

My observation is that all the Untoward happenings take place near the Eclipses and specially when Mars activates the Eclipse point of the Luminaries

The eclipses over the Ascendant, Sun and Moon in the 1/7 axis and the 2/8 Play an important role and if the Dasha of a Planet is inoperation who has the capacity to Damage you then the Eslipse will ruin you , on the other hand it the Eclipse is forming a Rajyoga as the Case of Donald Trump it would Bring Successes


I would like to ask you about the astrological magic in the vedic astrology?

Do you use it yourself and is there any recommendation of astrological magical ritual that is so impressive and you want to share with us? Would you give us an example of astrological magic?

Mr Anil:

The Magic of Astrology is Communication with Mother nature and I have found that Nature always guides us , it is we who ignore it  and if we follow the same  we could handle the situations in a better form in all situations .


 Please advise our students what are the qualities of the vedic astrologer of antiquity that they need to have in order to become good astrologers. Do you find that they need to be esoteric and spiritual as well?

Mr. Anil:

Astrology is a divine science and has to be used in the right perspective and not to exploit the querist in any way . Astrologer should have the Following Qualities

  1. Deep Knowledge
  2. Mathematical ability
  3. Religious and God Fearing and Faith In God, this imparts the divine grace to an astrologer
  4. Truthful
  5. Discilined
  6. Humble
  7. Good Speech
  8. He should be well versed with Veda, Mantra and Tantra
  9. Devotion to Mankind
  10. Should be conversant with the Planetary Positions always



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