“Matching of Charts As Per Astrology”

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The institution of Marriage in Indian Urban society is facing crisis, which is being, unscrupulously exploited by Lawers,Atrologers,and Psychologists  Unhappines in the home bring unhappiness to the mind, which prompts one to act unsocially,irrationally,impulsively and immorally. It is high time we adopt a slogan SAVE MARRIAGE TO SAVE SOCIETY and start contributing towards it. In acient times there […]

Prashna Jyotish

“Amazing Astro Experiences and Prashna “

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 This Article was published in the website Volume 9 Article 170. Part of the Events in the Article were Also published in BVB JOURNAL OF ASTROLOGY Jan.-Feb. 2012 Here  I am sharing my experiences related to Astrology. The emphasis is that every human being can become an Astrologer at least a Shakun Astrologer if he […]