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Will Hardik Patel Disrupt The India vs South Africa 3rd ODI

As per NDTV  “Mobile Internet Blocked in Rajkot Amid Threats to Disrupt India-South Africa ODI ” link Hardik Patel will be with the Patel Community in Thousands Present in the Stadium . I have already written an article ”  “Is Hardik Patel spearheading an anti-reservation movement ?” Link…/is-hardik-patel-spearheading…/.  If you go through this article […]

Menace of Red Planet Mars Activating Eclipse Point: What it Foretells for Shia and Sunni Countries

  The above chart shows the Countries and the population of the 2 Group of Communities Fighting. The above data is from the link Politics, competition, influence and Power Fuel the current sectarian tensions between Shia and Sunni Muslims, the two main branches of Islam. The root of the hostility is a Political question in […]

Lunar Eclipse of 28th Sept. 2015: What it Foretells for Ahmedabad

This is in continution to my Article “Lunar Eclipse of 28th Sept. 2015: Enigma of Mars Igniting Eclipse Point” dated 17th Jul 2015. link Let us first see the Lunar Eclipse chart of 28th Sept. 2015 of 08-20 hrs below. This Article has also been Published in the Astrology Magzine “PLANETS & FORECASTS” in the […]

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