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Is Pakistan Heading for A Disaster ?

This is with Reference to my earlier article “Red Planet Mars, Saturn and Ketu afflict Watery Signs , Earthy signs Near Eclipses :What it Foretells” link Please Read this — Pakistan Stationary Saturn at almost degrees on Ketu in the 8th house between the 27th July and 7th August 2015 and activating the planets Mercury, […]

16th Sept. 2015 A Day of Strong Earthquakes: Danger of Earthquake Looming over other Countries .

This is in continution to my Earlier Article dated 16th Sept. 2015  “Can Astrology Predict Earthquakes ? Indonesian Earthquake Reveals the Secret.” link This article has been Published in the Leading US Astrology Magzine “ASTROLOGIC MAGZINE” link…/ in the Oct. 2015 Issue  The Article Reveals  that Astrology could Predict Earthquakes Accurately.. In my article “Red Planet […]

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