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Astrology Speaks :Oath Taking chart of Chief Minister of Harayana Manohar Lal Khatter

I had written this article on the  link on the 27th Oct. 2014 on the website I am hereby reproducing the Original here . Read the same between the lines and the date 20th Feb. 2016 as mentioned by me  that Mars Transit over the Lagna Lord or the 8th Lord Moon could Prove […]

What Stars Foretell Using Kota Chakra For War Prone Torn Syria and Globe

 This is in continution to my earlier Article It goes with out saying that the combinations of Jupiter and Rahu conjunction in Leo and Mars and Saturn in conjunction in Scorpio the 8th house of the natural Zodiac after 20th Feb. 2016  in Square position at the time of Mars ingress and Eclipses can […]

Will The JNU Row Escalate When Red Planet Mars Squares Demons and Conjunct Saturn

Read my Article” Prolonged Stay Of Red Planet Mars and Saturn Conjunction in Scorpio: Crucial 211 days” dated 11th Feb. 2016. link…crucial-211-days/  I am reproducing it here  below. Mars Ingresses in Scorpio on the 20th Feb. 2016 at 16.42 hrs. and Conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio at 21.22 degrees hence in Navamsha Mars will be debilitated […]

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