Teaching Astrology

 Teaching  Astrology By Tamil Texts and other Relevant Astrology Classics

Prasha Jyotish Semester Starting from 15-16th Oct 2016

Course Details

Prashna Jyotish By Tamil Texts 

Analysing the Query By the Prashna charts using  the Following Parameters

  1. 5 Limbs of the Day
  2. Direction Faced by the Querist
  3. Body Parts Touched By the Querist
  4. 28 Nakshatras
  5. By the First Letter of the Word Uttered By the Querist
  6. Color of the clothes Worn By the Querist
  7. Activity of the Querist
  8. Shakuns at the Time of Query
  9. Analysing the Planetary Positions with Respect to Birth chart
  10. By Ashtakvarga
  11. Using the Chakras

Duration and Timings

20 Lectures of 60 minutes each  and Minimum 2 Lectures a Day

Starting from 15th Oct. 2016 14-30 hrs , Sunday 16th Oct. 11.30 hrs, 14-30 hrs

Text  Material

Text Material will be given on the Mail and those Interested can also Get Photocopies as well

Audio Recordings Can be Made for the Lectures

Minimum Group of 5 Students Required for One Class .

Professional Fee

According to Number of Students

For any Queries

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I follow a different Procedure for analysis  of a Horoscope than the conventional Astrologers who use only Birth charts .

  1. Teaching Prashna Jyotish By Tamil Texts

Method of analysis is first to Follow the following steps to analyse the query of the Querist  

  1. Prashna Kundali By Tamil Shastra 
  2. Prashna Triangle (My Research)
  3. Panch Pakshai 

4. Naisargik and Tatlika  Chakra Analysis By the Direction faced by the Querist at the time of Query. 

5. Nakshatra Number 

6.First Letter word uttered by the Querist when approaching the astrologer for query.

7.By Body Parts touched by the Querist Spristanga Rashi at the time of Query 

8. Color of the Clothes worn by the Querist

9. Shakun Astrology 

 Correction of Birth time by Prashna Chart 

2. How to Enter a Horoscope By Parashar and Nadi Predictive Techniques and Garbshishta Analysis

 3. Varga Charts Analysis 

4. Marriage, Career, Education, Child Birth, Diseases Analysis By Parashar and Nadi Predictive Techniques Using Tamil Texts

5.Dasha Varga Charts Mathematical Calculations, Vedic Progression charts By Tamil Texts

6.Jaimni Astrology

7.Modern Methods of Prediction .

All the Analysis is on the Tamil Texts 


As per Syllabus depending upon the skill of the Learner after Proper Interview.

Distant Learning also possible on Skypee, Hangout etc.  Proper Text and Audios will be given as per the Semester of 20/30 lectures  depending on the Subject.

Professional Fee and Course shall be intimated after Proper Interview.

Talior made classes on Astrology also Possible on any Area with Minimum Group of 3 students Fee as per mutual consent  for a lecture of 60 minutes on Saturday and Sunday only Limited to 3 classes

Syllabus Astrology


Semester 1

The Iimportance of Astrology. Qualifications of a good astrologer. Understanding Astrology with respect to the sky map the so called horoscope having 12 houses , 5 planets 2 lumanaries and 2 Nodes . Characteristics of planets and houses Avastha of Planets . Construction of the horoscope. How to enter a horoscope . Assessment of the horoscope. 20 Lectures of 60 minutes each

Semester 2

Understanding the Dasha System, Varga charts and Transit. And Predictive Astrology using Nadi Principles . 20 Lectures of 60 minutes

Semester 3

Analysis of Education, Marriage, Career , Ashtakvarga, Muhurat with Predictions. 30 Lectures of 60 minutes

Semester 4

Prashna Jyotish, Nadi Progression charts, Dasha Varga Charts and Predictions using birth chart, nadi and Prashna Jyotish 30 Lectures of 60 minutes

Semester 5

Jaimini Astrology, Mundane Astrology. Shakun Jyotish, 20 Lectures of 60 minutes

Each  Class would have First  10 minutes to solve Problems of the Student Relating to Lessons Taught .

One free Trial Lecture For Students want to Learn Astrology through Skypee.

Special Course Offered 

I take the opportunity to offer a Prashna Course and a Sandwich Course Panch Pakshi and Vedic Progression chart by Manu Smriti as follows
1.Prashna By Tamil Calssics there are 6-7 Classics . I will be Teaching all of them . The course fee will be costing Rs 15000/- per Student with Minimum 5 Students. 20 Lectures as Per schedule but i will make sure that all the Students learn 100 % even i have to give more Lectures . Single student teraching will be more. The Fee of Rs 15000/- is for those who good knowledge of Astrology , for others on Proper Assesing the Astrology  Knowledge
2. Panch Pakshi Tamil Separate Course for 10 Lectures

3. DPYH Vedic Progressions By Manu Smriti
Panch Pakshai and DPYH will cost additional  and will only be for those students who learn Prashna from me There will be 12 Lectures for this
Each Lecture will be of 60 Minutes and Students Can join Personally upon the Day and Time suited to the Group of Minimum 5 Students on Saturday or Sunday
The Lectures can be also on Skypee as well
10 Minutes for discussion in every Lecture for any Doubts
All Notes and Audios will be Given by me
Tamil Text Relevant with the Teaching will also be given in a Spirialed form after Payment of Actual Photocopy and Binding About Rs. 500/- Each

Financial Astrology Course

1. Stock market  20 Lectures

2. Gold Analysis  10 Lectures


The Course is of 10-30 Lectures of 60 minutes depending upon the course

Starting Date

Starting from 31st Oct. 2015   on Saturdays and Sundays. Next Semester 1st Feb. 2016

Text and Audios

Complete Text and Audios will be given with Lectures .

Professional Fee

As per Number of Students  or Group of Students. Single Student Teaching will be More

For Foreign Students the Fee schedule is separate

The classes could be given Personally or on Skypee as well
Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala  Email astrodoc.vedicastrology@gmail.com

Ph. 9810038903,8527884764