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Date 17th Oct. 2016  On Facebook Messenger
Prakash Gurjar
Mon 22:54

Sir, You are brilliant in giving financial and share market prediction.. never seen any astrologer having so much of guts prediction in so advance and coming out correctly… Hats off to you..God Bless you with long and healthy life
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There is one person in my time in learning Jyotish astrology that I will like to introduce you. His name is Shri Anil Aggarwala, a person that have written and have done so much research prior of any events. This person has been part of my journey for many years as a learning student but also as his client. i am hoping that he will share his articles in this group. his research and techniques are amazing, his explanations out of the norm and his accuracy mind blowing. It will be a privilege to have this humble person to share his knowledge. I will contact him to share his passion Jyotish (Vedic) astrology and or be authorised to share his link

Zohra Denise Belabed I am so humble that Shri Anil Aggarwala ji is here. Sir will it be fine to share your knowledge and research. and or members interested that can access your facebook link?

Anil Aggarwala

Anil Aggarwala First of All Congrats Zohra for forming a Spirtual Astrology Group.Yes , I will be Delighted to share my Knowledge on your webpage .

Anil Aggarwala
Anil Aggarwala Read my Astrologcal Analysis on the Current Situations in the world . A complete analysis on the link

Pankaj Sharma 

Anil Aggarwala shared Astrologer Anil Aggarwala‘s photo.
Posted on 19th April 2016 after the Querist Gave the Answer to My Predictions Made on 13th April 2016 as per Mook Prashna 

The Query was Pertaining to the Following Facts 1. Child Birth . 2. As Predicted Male Child is Born.3. C Section Delivery. 4. The Lagna of the Male child Born is Aries as Predicted.5. Child is Born with Jupiter in Virgo navamsha , which I Expected in libra navamsha , but then Since Virgo Navamsha moon has to be in Virgo Sign for Child birth and hence 19th April at 6.21 the babay is Born. Astrology is most amazing and the Principles coming True again and again . The basic Principle of Mars Connecting to the 8th house of Surgery holds good , moon at the time of Query is In Gemini and aspected by Mars hence Moon has to be in the 6th house of the Chart of the New Born Baby and in the sign of Mercury . Tamil Texts are heart Throbbing since the Predictions work 100%

Astrologer Anil Aggarwala's photo.

Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

Mook Prashna odd lagna rising and 6th navamsha the query is pertaining to a Jeeva . Lagna in the nakshatra of Rahu, Lagna Lord in the Nakshatra of Saturn , Karka Graha connetced to the 5th house and 5th Lord along with Rahu anf Moon placed in the 5th from 5th and dispositor aspecting the Lagna At MEP, The query is Pertaining to Child Birth.
Male Progney, Birth on the Day when Jupiter enters a sign, or Navamsha of the 5th lord from Lagna or Moon or where Jupiter is Posited is the Main Principle . According to this Since Jupiter is Retrograde It cannot Reach either Scorpio or Capricorn Navamsha. Jupiter is in the Navamsha of Libra the 5th sign from Moon hence before Jupiter enters the Virgo Navamsha Child will be born, when Aries Lagna is rising and Moon in Virgo and Jupiter in Virgo navamsha . Hence 16th April 2016 onwards to 19th April 2016 between 6.15 to 8.45 Am , The chances are more after 06.19 am when Jupiter and Rahu will be in the 5th house . Mars is influencing 5th house, 5th Lord and Moon , there could be intervention of C Section Delivery . DBA Planets are Jup-Sat-Mars . Shall write a feedback on this Prediction of mine .This is a Mook Prashna and the Querist did not disclose his query . Let see what the feed back is

Pankaj Sharma

Pankaj Sharma I bow to your precision….. In my personal lide I have spent Lakhs of Rupees, but could not find a single Astrologer with precision like you …Till date none of my so called Astrology teacher friends, people who write in National International Magazines, friends who run Astro websites, local stalwarts, national astro stalwarts, Vedia Jyotishi, TV Celebrity Jyotishi – No one could predict – Only bogus talks without a single correct prediction…..

Date 19th April 2016 09-00 am 
Date 26th April 2016
Anil Aggarwala
As Predicted for a Bank with Letter D–Deutsche Bank’s shares slumped 4.6 percent to 16.03 euros at 4:16 p.m. in Frankfurt. They have dropped about 29 percent this year, while the Bloomberg Europe Banks and Financial Services Index slipped 17 percent.
Deutsche Bank AG’s mounting legal costs led to open conflict on the supervisory board, with the deputy chairman publicly criticizing another member, Georg…
Pankaj Sharma
Pankaj Sharma I love your precision, and command over the subject…. One of own kind… No match… Outstanding….
Want to read on fate of ColPurohit/fate of Herald case/fate of Chidambaram & his son and their saffron terrorism/fate of 9xm owner in murder case etc etc…

Kul Bhushan Bajaj
Kul Bhushan BajajGreat Work Sir !!!
Date 24th April 2016

One of the Finest Predictions I have ever Made without any Birth Chart or Prashna Chart Instantly which has been Published in the Research Journal Of All India Federation of Astrologers Societies

One of the most amazing experience I have had regarding Shakun , Prashna , and Birth Chart , when I was on my visit to my son in Singapore in Janurary 2013. Here I am going to discuss my Predictions by Shakun Jyotish and Prashna Jyotish and some Research therein.
Rashmi Kalia
Rashmi KaliaU r great
Date 28th April 2016 
In all My articles and My Webpage I had mentioned that the Crash in the Market will take place after 28th April 2016 and 1st Week of May 2016 will be explosive for the Stock market . On the 25th April 2016 I wrote as follows ——
Mercury has been Playing with our Physocology since 12th Feb. 2016 and will be in this mode till 26th April 2016. Mercury will again be in Abnormal and a Negative Mode and will give unexpected Results in Stock market starting from 26th April 2016. Hence there will be reversals in the Stock Exchange specially after 28th April 2016. This would adversely inflence the Stock Market and there could be unexpected fall and a Bubble Burst in Early May 2016, I am purposely ot mentioning the date , although the date has been put on my webpage in the articles on the Financial stagnation .
I have also mentioned the Name of the Bank with Letter Tand D where some Scandle type of Activity or some Losses would sprout after Mercury goes in Retrogression on the 28th April 2016
Read my article…/mercury-planet-messenger-of-…/
Now see today the News on Stock Market at 14-53 hrs
Sensex Plunges by 400 points and Nifty Cracks with Dip by 120 points
Now Comments 
Koomar Tenkayala

Koomar TenkayalaBOJ kind of gave shock to market . Everyone expected more easing and pumping of money.

Koomar Tenkayala

Koomar TenkayalaRead report where it indicated japanese people r not happy with -ve interest rates. Under pressure BOJ did not pump more .. Finally some “sense prevailing “and magic of astrology coming into play

Koomar Tenkayala…/asia-stocks-to-focus-on-fed-hold… From the article – “I suspect the BOJ gave into the domestic uproar that negative interest rates policy are destabilizing the currency markets, along with negatively impacting local banks,” said Stephen Innes, a senior foreign exchange trader for APAC at OANDA, after the decision.

Abhishek Kedia

Abhishek KediaSuperb Prediction.. smile emoticon

Koomar Tenkayala
Koomar TenkayalaHats off to gr8 science of astrology and yes gr8 prediction by Anil sir. Next week shud be very interesting..
Pankaj Sharma to Anil Aggarwala

Yesterday at 06:52 ·29th April 2016

Anyone, who is able to predict so accurately, is a National Asset and he must be honoured by Government of India.
Pl join me in this campaign – Padma Vibhushan for Shri Anil Aggarwala
@PMOINDIA @NAMO Narendra Modi

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Sonika Goel Jain

Sonika Goel JainKN Rao sir ..Anil aggarwala both.

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Comment date   20th Aug 2016

Pankaj Sharma
Pankaj Sharma We are so proud to have an astrologer, who dares to write on contemporary topics and no post-mortom analysis.
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